RFID virusses

PCs have virusses, Macs have virusses, PDAs and cellphones have virusses, so why should RFID chips be any different? A working proof of concept has been made which is put onto an RFID chip, which infects the backend database and then transmits to other RFID chips that connect to that database.

Why surveillance can be bad

Nobody seems to believe me when I say it’s possible, but now it’s happened – in Greece unknown people have hacked into the cellular system and been tapping politicians and officers. Yup, the bad guys can get into your wonderful surveillance infrastructure too.

Why Vista won’t Suck

Nice article running through the features of Vista which make it a quantum leap away from Windows XP. It’s nice to see that the OS2 Warp desktop has FINALLY been incorporated into windows. And if you don’t know what that means, you’re a n00b.

Read the world – RFID

Spirit makes RFID readers which can read a wide range of standards and come in USB or SDIO (Pocket PC / WinMobile) forms, and retail at only $99 – $199! Pretty soon they’re going to go nuts on the amount of data coming in.