Judy Sugden is creating a new designer cat species – the toyger; a house cat that looks like a tiger. There are difficulties and she’s not there yet, but she’s getting there. She hopes for a proper looking toyger around 2010/2012 after which they’ll probably fetch $4000,- a piece.

UK MOD Whitepaper on Nuclear Deterrent

The UK MOD and Foreign Affairs has published it’s stance on Nuclear deterrent. Interestingly it shows that allthough the UK is the NPT signatory with the smallest arsenal, it’s ordanance is still considerable at 160 warheads and delivery systems. It has decreased in size by 50% since the Cold War and decreased effectiveness by 75%. Read more about UK MOD Whitepaper on Nuclear Deterrent[…]

Buying second hand aircraft

If you’re looking to buy a business jet, ex military jet aircraft, propellor driven aircraft, aerobatic planes, world war one / two replica’s, etc. there’s a good chance you can buy it on internet. Globalplanesearch is a meta search engine for adverts Aircraftdealer has a large listing as does Aviatorsale