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Army tests James Bond style tank that is ‘invisible’ | the Daily Mail

I’ve covered a few of these pages before, but this one comes from the Daily Mail. In principle, stealth cloaks are possible by using a camera on one side and a projector on the other. This story says it’s been done and demonstrated on a tank, and that they’re expecting to be able to do […]

Daily Kos: Doing what Detroit says is impossible

This guy has used stock parts to upgrade a Chevy Impala from 250 to 800 horsepower and decrease it’s consumption to 25 mpg. He’s now planning on a Hummer Hybrid where a jet engine spins up the juice. He reckons he can make it go from 300 to 600 hp and get 60 miles per […]

Legalise it – and no one wants it

Since the UK has decriminalised the smoking of cannabis in the past year, there has been a rapid decrease in the amount of cannabis useage in the UK. Something the Dutch knew for years and the French refuse to accept.

Smoking police come after pub for smell of smoke in garden

The smoking nazi’s have now gone to the next step in the UK – due to the smokers now being outside, there is a contamination of the “natural smell of fresh air” so time to throw up abatement orders! The smoker retreat is becoming a rout in the onslaught of the evil anti-everything people.

Canon Snap concept design offers peek into the digital camera future

Although Canon still rules the day when it comes to digital cameras the company shouldn’t rest on its laurels. New from the concept lab of independent designer David Munscher comes the Canon Snap camera. Able to fit snugly on your finger the idea is to merge the high-powered functionality of Canon’s larger product line with […]

iShoes motorized skates: cruise at 15 mph without moving your legs

While iShoes certainly will push you along at a leisurely 15 miles per hour, you might look a little silly wearing them. iShoes are an invention designed by brothers Ilya and Boris Kaganovich from Minnesota, and work a lot like roller skates, except they are motorized and controlled with a hand unit. Weighing eight pounds […]

Bling Bling Laptop

f you are a true fanboy of everything Mac, and you are super-excited about the launch of Leopard (the latest operating system from Apple), then celebrate by purchasing a gold-plated MacBook Pro. Computer Choppers has upped the bling quotient with a gold and diamond-encrusted laptop for those with more money than sense. The computer itself […]

NEC SX-9 supercomputer is world’s fastest at 839 TFLOPS

NEC has a new supercomputer it’s touting as the world’s fastest. The SX-9 is capable of processing a peak 839 teraFLOPS, and a peak vector performance of 102.4 gigaFLOPS per individual core. Well hey, that’s a lot of FLOPS. The picture above might be a little misleading, but each SX-9 is actually a little taller […]

Senjo No Kizuna: a glorious panoramic Gundam simulator

Giant robot lovers, rejoice! And then buy plane tickets to Japan. Japanese game purveyors Banpresto and Bandai joined forces to release Senjo No Kizuna, which features mechs from the ultra-popular Gundam universe blowing each other up. Sitting inside a simulator, the player controls her mech with both dual joysticks and foot pedals. Each pod is […]

D-Box GP-200 chair adds motion to your games

Hey racing buffs, do you find it’s just not as satisfying to pull off hair-raising turns with your average controller? If you’re looking for the off-screen action to match your gameplay, the D-Box GP-200 gaming chair might do nicely. Picture a padded bucket seat propped up on three hydraulic legs and fitted with five speakers. […]

Aviation enthusiast replaces his bedroom with $30,000 simulator

Love planes? So do we, but it’s probably a safe bet that John Davis loves them more. Rather than go for a bedroom built into a plane, he turned his own into a fully functional, professional-grade simulator. Now 47 years old, it took Davis eight years and over $30,000 to complete his working replica of […]

USB Disk Dock lets you plug in hard drives

Now you can hook up a dirt-cheap SATA disk drive to your PC or Mac by simply plugging it into this USB desktop adapter that works just like an iPod dock. Until now, if you wanted to add a bare hard drive to your computer, you either had to put it in some sort of […]

Force feedback vest takes gaming a step too far

f gaming wasn’t already on the hot seat, now those violent games your parents and senators hate so much can now simulate gun shot and other torso wounds. The TN Game’s Third Space Vest is the work of physician Mark Ombrellaro who got the idea from a type of vest used in a real medical […]

Ferrari Segway parts fool and money

George Lucas will slap the Star Wars logo on just about anything, and now it looks like Ferrari is following by putting the stylish red paint job and yellow seal on everything from pens to laptops. Now the company has teamed up with Segway to release the Segway PT i2 Ferrari Limited Edition people mover. […]

M61 “Counter-Rocket” gatling gun-on-a-truck shoots down mortars like skeet

Mortars pose a significant threat to infantry as even if they aren’t always lethal, they drop out of the sky and can effectively pin a squad down. Well, some crazy military engineers decided to take the Phalanx M61 (pictured above) that protects naval vessels from anti-ship missiles and toss it on the back of a […]

Samsung to show 10mm-thick HDTVs, thin LCD race intensifies

We were surprised at Hitachi’s 32-inch HDTV whose thickness was just 0.74 inches. Now it looks like Samsung has topped that, creating a flat-panel HDTV that’s half that thick. Imagine a TV that’s just 10mm thin — just over a third of an inch. That’s the depth of this 40-inch 1080p LCD TV (pictured at […]

Suzuki Biplane is a motorcycle, but looks like it could fly

Let’s hope the Biplane didn’t get its name from something that happened during test runs — motorcycles tend to be at their best with at least one wheel on the ground. The Biplane is a concept motorcycle design that Suzuki is showing off at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. Details are scarce, but it looks […]

NSA To Recruit Children, Furries

ey, kids! Have you ever wanted to listen in on the conversations of other people without them knowing it? Create codes that allow spies in the field to get information about enhanced interrogation techniques without those killjoys at Amnesty International finding out? Dress up as a totally extreme rapping turtle and get a blow job […]

Scribd – youtube for documents

Why not? A huge repository and community just like youtube but for word, excel. powerpoint, pdf, etc etc etc documents. You can then embed your document on the web, just like you do for youtube content.

CCTV Camera’s don’t solve crime

So… then what are they for?

What society is watching

The Economist has a good article on all the ways that society is watching and following you around nowadays. An interesting point they make is that privacy has only been considered important since WW II. They fail to mention 2 reasons that this might be so: 1) The size of databases was only then becoming […]

PHP development odds and ends

The Eclipse framework is an open source development platform used mainly by Java and C developers. They do have a PHP Development Tools framework, which allows Eclipse to be used to develop PHP with. Version 1 was released 18/9/7 and there have been regular releases since 8/3/6. Phalanger is a PHP compiler for the dot […]

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