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Passive-aggressive notes

“Painfully polite and hilariously hostile writing from shared spaces all over the world” Bacon is life, indeed.

Do More with Your Webcam with Free Tools

A nice overview of webcam tools: Webbased video chat motion sensing security login with your face creating time lapse videos turning your pc into a photo booth chronicle your face document the weather make a birdfeeder webcam make your phone a webcam


Yes – it’s Wikipedia for big breasted women!

Jupiter Grows Third Red Spot

In 2006 a second red spot was observed which now rivals the first in storm furiousness and also almost in size. The third red spot, recently discovered is the same size as the Earth and is growing rapidly.

Semantic Web Searching

Powerset is another semantic web search engine – ie. it searches by meaning instead of by words and phrases. It’s a total new way to look at information retrieval and is useful in that it can (should be able to) answer questions and make relevant conclusions. This becomes more and more important as the size […]

Windows XP faster than OS X at rendering RIA’s

Oh dear – after being the most insecure computer OS of the lot and being hacked a full day faster than even Vista, now it turns out that it’s also slow at browsing the web. About 50% slower than XP. Oh well. They’re still cool. If you’re still wearing black turtleneck sweaters.

Fashion tips for women from a guy who knows dick about fashion.

I mainly agree with Maddox on his list. No Crocs and no tit curtains being the main ones I totally see eye to eyegina on…

Wrightspeed The X1 Prototype

This electric car prototype will do 0-60 mph in 3.07 s – and they expect the production car to be a whole load better. I hope they manage to get the gearbox to hold up!

Cold Fusion – For the First Time In Decades

Cheap, renewable energy for everyone? In Japan, Yoshiaka Arata has produced cold fusion in front of many witnesses AND claims the experiment is easily reproducible, which was a problem with the first time anyone saw it.

World’s biggest drawing created with the help of GPS and DHL

As an advertisement for DHL, this guy sent a package with a GPS device and a tracker all over the world from destination to destination, and made a drawing that spans the world

Extreme body modification

Identical twins exchange body parts. Real or fake? Click on the link and decide for yourself…

UltimateDefrag Freeware Edition 1.72

Ultimate Defrag allows you to choose where on the platter to put files or directories – stuff you use a lot or want to run faster should be near the centre. It has an auto mode so that it puts the files in the right place automatically as it monitors file useage. It’s tiny (1.7 […]


Nowadays, fireplaces are no longer just the plain old hole in the wall with chimney and wood affairs anymore. Designer fireplaces are the way to go! Digifire: Radius Design: Safretti BV: Of course all these guys have a whole load more models available, and variations on the models shown here.

Shredder Surfboard

Mike Sheldrake This is what happens when you get a nerd to design a surf board – a cardboard hollow, light structure which can be built on the cheap. He’s using easy tools to keep production costs down, and even though he’s not finished on his design, he’s got a pro to surf it and […]

Student isolates microbe that lunches on plastic bags

Instead of it taking 1000 years to degrade a plastic bag, he can do it in around 3 months with his microbes and their helper microbes.

Spycraft: The Secret History of the CIA’s Spytechs, from Communism to al-Qaeda

This book details the way the CIA built and used technologies to spy on other people and countries. a former head of the CIA’s Office of Technical Service (OTS) and an internationally acclaimed espionage historian join forces to tell the story of the covert devices critical to America’s intelligence operations for more than half a […]

The Secret History of Star Wars

This is a totally unofficial look at the Star Wars universe, how it was created and what motivated Lucas and the film companies as they built the franchise. The Secret History of Star Wars traces all the way back to 1973 to examine how the first 14-page treatment that began the series came to be […]


This basically takes a picture, cuts it up and then resizes it over as many pieces of paper as you like, so you can just stick them together and make a poster.

Some PDF coverts PDF files to other files

Some PDF – Free PDF to Word, PDF to Html, PDF to TXT, Text to PDF, PDF Image Extract convert tools

AMXD For your long term urinary needs

Especially for fighter pilots, taking a piss hasn’t always been easy – it’s been about wearing condoms or wearing Pampers. Now there’s a pump driven, clean option – for males and females, costing in the region of $2000,- from Omni Medical Systems

First IMOD-based Mirasol displays

reflective interferometric modulation Qualcomm announces working displays which are an OLED / LCD / Plasma competitor: reflective interferometric modulation (IMOD). They offer: low power consumption, visibility in outdoor lighting, and no backlighting requirement

Palm Virtual Developer Lab

Have you ever wanted to own a Palm unit – or all of them? To develop on, maybe to just play with? Device Anywhere has a lab where you can play with them virtually – software emulations of the devices so that you can try out whatever you want on all the Palm devices without […]

Smoking Ban Causes Increase In Drunk Driving Fatalities

Yup, by forcing people to not smoke where people who don’t smoke don’t generally go anyway, the incidence of drunk driving fatalities has increased. Another new way to kill more people invented!

Evil Mastermind Lairs

.. no, actually. Sorry. These are Network Operation Centers. But don’t you just see Bond walking into one of these while battling SPECTRE minions? NOC gallery

Unbound – BIND Alternative Launches

Unbound is supposed to be lighter, faster, better and supports DNSSEC

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