MI6 gets into the secret losing business

True to the Labour Governments’ form, yet ANOTHER serious data breach has been executed by government agencies. What’s surprising this time, is that it was done by a trained MI6 operative, who lost all the details about covert anti-drug operations in Columbia! Yes, that would be contact names, agent names and adresses and other details, Read more about MI6 gets into the secret losing business[…]

F-35 Lightning II hacked

They’re not sure what the attackers took, because the information was encrypted directly as it was taken and sent. The scream is “China Did It”, but the US military seems to be blaming all cyber attacks on China nowadays.

DealExtreme: Cool Gadgets at the Right Price

This gadget site is chock full of iphone / ipod gadgets, watches, USB stuff, car electronics, lasers, flashlights, spy pens, nature digital sound recorders, toys, crossbows, gunsights, GSM bugs and signal blockers, PSP Pandora batteries, and god knows what else, and for insanely low prices – with free shipping! Have fun overspending here 🙂


Point this free app at your music library, tell it how many bpm you want it to look for and it will come up with a list of music. If you set the bpm between 120 – 140 you should get the perfect workout music playlist.


Bumptop changes your desktop into a physical type of room, with 3 walls and a desk. You can push things around the desk and create stacks of things very easily. Larger objects have more weight. It’s a neat concept, allthough I’m not sure how practical it is.

The Pirate Bay’s Ipredator

For $6,- you connect to the Pirate Bay’s VPN (called Ipredator). They give you a random IP from their own range and they don’t do any logging. This means you can torrent away happily without your IP being linked to the IP in the VPN.