most complete 3D map of universe revealed

Today, astronomers unveiled the most complete 3-D map of the local universe (out to a distance of 380 million light-years) ever created. Taking more than 10 years to complete, the 2MASS Redshift Survey (2MRS) also is notable for extending closer to the Galactic plane than previous surveys – a region that’s generally obscured by dust. Read more about most complete 3D map of universe revealed[…]

run-one and run-this-one for Ubuntu – cron helpers

The robotic precision of cron ensures that each subsequent job runs, on time, every time. But cron doesn’t check that the previous execution of that same job completed first — and that can cause big trouble. This often happens to me when I’m traveling and my backup cronjob fires while I’m on a slow up-link.  Read more about run-one and run-this-one for Ubuntu – cron helpers[…]

Make your iDevice Fingerprint-Resistant with Rain-X

Rain-X is a bottled polymer glass treatment that dramatically increases a car’s windshield visibility while driving through rain, snow, or sleet. It works by filling the tiny pores that are naturally present in any piece of glass. By doing so, the precipitation simply beads right off of the windshield instead of penetrating it fully. It’s Read more about Make your iDevice Fingerprint-Resistant with Rain-X[…]

New generation Aga: turns on in 8 minutes, by iPhone

The manufacturer, based in Coalbrookdale, Shropshire, has now made a cooker which looks exactly like a traditional Aga, in cast iron, but which can be fired up with a flick of a switch. Rather than the usual six hour delay before the machine is ready to cook, the new Aga Total Control, will be ready Read more about New generation Aga: turns on in 8 minutes, by iPhone[…]

NL .gov Open data for everyone

The Dutch government has decided that their data should be open and available for everyone, unless there’s a good reason for it not to be. So they’ve opened a website portal to that data. It’s a bit empty at the moment, but it should fill up with time. | Open data.

Tiny 3D Printer for home

at the Vienna University of Technology, a printing device has now been developed, which is much smaller, lighter and cheaper than ordinary 3D-printers. With this kind of printer, everyone could produce small, taylor-made 3D-objects at home, using building plans from the internet – and this could save money for expensive custom-built spare parts. It’s also Read more about Tiny 3D Printer for home[…]

KPN mobile wants extra money for voip and chat services

KPN: Where unlimited means limited! I guess this is their strategy for people using whatsapp and skype services more often. It’s not a very good one, it’s like going back to the days where we paid a few cents per email… that business model didn’t last that long either. KPN wil klanten extra laten betalen Read more about KPN mobile wants extra money for voip and chat services[…]

LPMT – little projection mapping tool

LPMT is a little projection-mapping tool developed mainly for use in our own office. It is coded in C++ using OpenFrameworks. It’s based on a simple quad warping paradigm, and, though rather simple, can be used to achieve a complex and professional projection-mapping set-up via LPMT – little projection mapping tool.

Oxygen system concerns prompt F-22 stand-down

The US Air Force has stopped flying all Lockheed Martin F-22s for an indefinite period over concerns about a possible glitch in the onboard oxygen generation system.The stand-down order issued on 3 May by Air Combat Command ACC chief Gen Will Fraser comes about six weeks after the F-22s were restricted to flying below 25,000ft Read more about Oxygen system concerns prompt F-22 stand-down[…]