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Tight-wad Apple repair techs swapped our damaged iGear with used kit – lawsuit

According to the complaint, the aggrieved customers say that their AppleCare service plans should allow them to have their devices replaced with new units. The class seeks to represent customers who purchased Apple hardware with the AppleCare replacement plan and then received replacement devices from Apple when their old devices broke. The claim centers around […]

Spotify is now selling your information to advertisers

The popular streaming service is now the latest platform that is opening its data to targeted advertising. Everything from your age and gender, to the music genres you like to listen will be available to various third-party companies. Spotify is calling it programmatic buying and has already enabled it. Advertisers will have access to the […]

Withings contactless accurate wifi thermometer

Now a fast, simple, no-contact gesture yields the most precise temperature possible, and automatic sync with the dedicated app also allows you to track temperature readings, get reminders, and input related symptoms/medications right on your smartphone. Source: Thermo

Maxthon web browser blabs about your PC all the way back to Beijing

Polish security consultancy Exatel warns [PDF] that Maxthon is phoning home information such as the computer’s operating system and version number, the screen resolution, the CPU type and speed, the amount of memory installed, the location of the browser’s executable, whether ad-block is running, and the start page URL. Source: Maxthon web browser blabs about […]

CTRL-F – Search, for the real world

Scan to search To search a document, simply scan the page using your device’s camera. The app then analyses the document and you’ll be able to search within it after a few seconds, just like you would with a digital document and CTRL-F on a PC! Source: CTRL-F – Search, for the real world

Scientists move one step closer to creating an invisibility cloak

Scientists at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) have made an object disappear by using a composite material with nano-size particles that can enhance specific properties on the object’s surface. Researchers from QMUL’s School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, worked with UK industry to demonstrate for the first time a practical cloaking device that […]

Square pie charts read best

In comparing how well people read a square pie chart, a circular pie chart, a donut shaped pie chart or a bar chart, it turns out that people do worst on the bar and best on the square pie charts. Source: A Reanalysis of A Study About (Square) Pie Charts from 2009 – eagereyes

Empty your free 30GB OneDrive space today – before Microsoft deletes your files for you

Microsoft is cutting its free 15GB OneDrive cloud storage space down to 5GB, and eliminating the 15GB free camera roll for many users. Files will be deleted by Redmond until your account is under the free limit. Clouds turn to rain to hide your tears Source: Empty your free 30GB OneDrive space today – before […]

UK To Outsource RAF aggressor training

The current service is provided by Cobham Aviation with its Dassault Falcon 20s and Fleet Air Arm-operated BAE Systems Hawk T1s flown by 736 NAS from RNAS Culdrose in Cornwall and RNAS Yeovilton in Somerset. The unit’s Hawks will be retired in 2020. A phased plan of introducing other capabilities will continue throughout the next […]

Researchers blur the line between classical and quantum physics by connecting chaos and entanglement

Using a small quantum system consisting of three superconducting qubits, researchers at UC Santa Barbara and Google have uncovered a link between aspects of classical and quantum physics thought to be unrelated: classical chaos and quantum entanglement. Their findings suggest that it would be possible to use controllable quantum systems to investigate certain fundamental aspects […]

Drowning Dalek commands Siri in voice-rec hack attack

In a proof-of-concept video the boffins place a phone in an empty conference room three metres (10 feet) from a speaker. Commands are issued that sound to like a drowning dalek to Vulture South’s ears. That garbling makes the commands difficult for humans to understand but passable for Siri and her ilk. The attackers activate […]

Massive open-access database on human cultures created

D-PLACE – the Database of Places, Language, Culture and Environment – is an expandable, open access database that brings together a dispersed body of information on the language, geography, culture and environment of more than 1,400 human societies. It comprises information mainly on pre-industrial societies that were described by ethnographers in the 19th and early […]

These ultra-thin solar cells can be bent around a pencil

The cells are fabricated onto a flexible substrate that is just a micrometer thick — one-half to one-quarter the thickness of other “thin” solar cells and hundreds of times thinner than conventional cells. A human hair, by comparison, is about 100 micrometers. The team at the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea […]

Russian leader Putin signs controversial ‘Big Brother’ law

the new legislation — which Edward Snowden has called “Russia’s new Big Brother law” — is not only severe against those involved in “international terrorism,” its financing, and its non-denunciation. Law enforcement agencies will also be granted access to any user’s messages without any judicial oversight. Several key provisions will directly affect the internet and […]

Wendy’s Says More Than 1,000 Restaurants Affected by Hack

Wendy’s said hackers were able to steal customers’ credit and debit card information at 1,025 of its U.S. restaurants, far more than it originally thought. The hamburger chain said Thursday hackers were able to obtain card numbers, names, expiration dates and codes on the card, beginning in late fall. Some customers’ cards were used to […]

Hundreds of Genes Spring Back to Life in the Days After Death

In the first of the two studies, the researchers sought to determine which genes out of about a thousand might still be functioning in zebrafish and mice in the immediate days following death. To their surprise, the researchers found that hundreds of genes sprung back to life. Not only that, the activity of some of […]

New Data Analysis Suggests Only Six Book Plots Exist

They found that there were six main ones: Fall-rise-fall, like Oedipus Rex Rise and then a fall, like what happens to most villains Fall and then a rise, like what happens to most superheroes Steady fall, like in Romeo and Juliet Steady rise, like in a rags-to-riches story Rise-fall-rise, like in Cinderella

UK Police Accessed Civilian Data 1283 times for Fun and Profit, New Report Says

More than 800 UK police staff inappropriately accessed personal information between June 2011 and December 2015, according to a report from activist group Big Brother Watch. The report says some police staff used their access to a growing trove of police data, which includes personal information on civilians, for entertainment and personal and financial gain. […]

Former Lottery Security Director hacked random-number generator to rig lotteries, investigators say

For several years, Eddie Tipton, the former security director of the US Multi-State Lottery Association, installed software code that allowed him to predict winning numbers on specific days of the year, investigators allege. The random-number generators had been erased, but new forensic evidence has revealed how the hack was apparently done. […] The number generator […]

Evidence mounting that DNA matching is more of an art than a science due partly to proprietary algorhythms

Dror and Hampikian gave the DNA evidence to 17 lab technicians for examination, withholding context about the case to ensure unbiased results. All of the techs were experienced, with an average of nine years in the field. Dror and Hampikian asked them to determine whether the mixture included DNA from the defendant. In 2011, the […]

MouseJack: Injecting Keystrokes into Wireless Mice

MouseJack is a collection of security vulnerabilities affecting non-Bluetooth wireless mice and keyboards. Spanning seven vendors, these vulnerabilities enable an attacker to type arbitrary commands into a victim’s computer from up to 100 meters away using a $15 USB dongle.

Foscam, QNAP, Swann send data to and others without knowledge or consent

Imagine buying an internet-enabled surveillance camera, network attached storage device, or home automation gizmo, only to find that it secretly and constantly phones home to a vast peer-to-peer (P2P) network run by the Chinese manufacturer of the hardware. Now imagine that the geek gear you bought doesn’t actually let you block this P2P communication without […]

Eyefi To Brick Its Older Wi-Fi Cards, And Photographers Aren’t Happy

If you’re a photographer shooting with Eyefi’s older generation Wi-Fi memory cards, here’s something you should know: your card will soon become more or less useless. Just days after announcing that it had sold its cloud services to Ricoh, Eyefi sent out an email to customers this week, informing them that older X1 and X2 […]

Intel based PCs with BIOS vuln

Is it a bug or is it a backdoor? is exposed to a UEFI bug that can be exploited to disable firmware write-protection. If the claims made by Dmytro Oleksiuk at Github are correct, an attacker can “disable flash write protection and infect platform firmware, disable Secure Boot, [and] bypass Virtual Secure Mode (Credential Guard, […]

You can now browse through 427 million stolen MySpace passwords

An anonymous hacker managed to obtain an enormous number of user credentials in June 2013 from fallen social networking giant MySpace — some 427 million passwords, belonging to approx. 360 million users. In May 2016, a person started selling that database of passwords on the dark web. Now, the entire database is available online for […]

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