Apple’s T2 Security Chip ensure used laptops become unrecyclable junk, a Nightmare for MacBook Refurbishers

As predicted, the proprietary locking system Apple rolled out with its 2018 MacBook Pros is hurting independent repair stores, refurbishers, and electronics recyclers. A combination of secure software locks, diagnostic requirements, and Apple’s new T2 security chip are making it hard to breathe new life into old MacBook Pros that have been recycled but could be easily repaired and used for years were it not for these locks.

It’s a problem that highlights Apple’s combative attitude towards the secondhand market and the need for national right to repair legislation.

“The irony is that I’d like to do the responsible thing and wipe user data from these machines, but Apple won’t let me,” John Bumstead, a MacBook refurbisher and owner of the RDKL INC repair store, said in a tweet with an attached picture of two “bricked” MacBook Pros. “Literally the only option is to destroy these beautiful $3,000 MacBooks and recover the $12/ea they are worth as scrap.”

Source: Apple’s T2 Security Chip Has Created a Nightmare for MacBook Refurbishers – VICE

Way to highlight capitalist consumer planet unfriendly culture, Apple

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