Nvidia: bans using cheap GeForce, Titan GPUs in servers through EULA. Is that legal?!

The chip-design giant updated its GeForce and Titan software licensing in the past few days, adding a new clause that reads: “No Datacenter Deployment. The SOFTWARE is not licensed for datacenter deployment, except that blockchain processing in a datacenter is permitted.”

In other words, if you wanted to bung a bunch of GeForce GPUs into a server box and use them to accelerate math-heavy software – such as machine learning, simulations and analytics – then, well, you can’t without breaking your licensing agreement with Nvidia. Unless you’re doing trendy blockchain stuff.

A copy of the license in the Google cache, dated December 31, 2017, shows no mention of the data center ban. Open the page today, and, oh look, data center use is verboten.

Source: Nvidia: Using cheap GeForce, Titan GPUs in servers? Haha, nope! • The Register

I don’t really understand how a company hopes to defend being able to tell you where and for what purpose you are allowed to used hardware you bought from them. You bought it, you paid for it, it’s your hardware to do with whatever you want. Unless the government says you can’t. Such as for eg. weaponry. Which I am pretty sure they don’t specify for Nvidia graphics cards.

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