NYPD posts surveillance systems and use and requests comments

Beginning, January 11, 2020, draft surveillance technology impact and use policies will be posted on the Department’s website. Members of the public are invited to review the impact and use policies and provide feedback on their contents. The impact and use policies provide details of: 1) the capabilities of the Department’s surveillance technologies, 2) the rules regulating the use of the technologies, 3) protections against unauthorized access of the technologies or related data, 4) surveillance technologies data retention policies, 5) public access to surveillance technologies data, 6) external entity access to surveillance technologies data, 7) Department trainings in the use of surveillance technologies, 8) internal audit and oversight mechanisms of surveillance technologies, 9) health and safety reporting on the surveillance technologies, and 10) potential disparate impacts of the impact and use policies for surveillance technologies.

Source: Draft Policies for Public Comment

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