Why does dutch supermarket Albert Heijn have camera’s looking at you at the self check out?

The Party for the Animals (PvdD) wants clarity from outgoing minister Dekker for Legal Protection about a camera on Albert Heijn’s self-scanner. It concerns the PS20 from manufacturer Zebra. According to this company, the camera on the self-scanner supports facial recognition to automatically identify customers. PvdD MPs Van Raan and Wassenberg want to know whether facial recognition is used in Albert Heijn stores in any way. The minister must also explain what legal basis Albert Heijn or other supermarket chains can rely on if they decide to use facial recognition. Finally, the PvdD MPs want to know what Minister Dekker can do to prevent supermarkets from using facial recognition now or in the future.

Source: PvdD wil opheldering over camera op zelfscanner van Albert Heijn – Emerce

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