Singapore snitchbots into the streets to detect “undesirable social behaviours”

Singapore’s Home Team Science and Technology Agency (HTX) roving robot has hit the streets of Toa Payoh Central as part of a trial to support public officers in enhancing public health and safety.

The robot, named Xavier, was jointly developed by HTX and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research. It is fitted with sensors for autonomous navigation, a 360-degree video feed to the command and control centre, real-time sensing and analysis, and an interactive dashboard where public officers can receive real-time information from and be able to monitor and control multiple robots simultaneously.


Over a three-week trial period, Xavier will detect “undesirable social behaviours” including smoking in prohibited areas, illegal hawking, improperly parked bicycles, congregation of more than five people in line with existing social distancing measures, and motorised active mobility devices and motorcycles on footpaths.

If one of those behaviours are detected, Xavier will trigger real-time alerts to the command and control centre, and display appropriate messages to educate the public and deter such behaviours.


Source: Singapore sends Xavier the robot to help police keep streets safe under three-week trial | ZDNet

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