Card stealing MageCart infection swipes customers details and payment cards from

Online merchant has confirmed a miscreant broke into its systems and made off with a raft of customers’ personal data, including payment card details.

The e-retailer, based in Macclesfield, England, wrote to punters this week to inform them of the digital burglary and the subsequent data leakage.

“We recently discovered that some of our user data may have been compromised as a result of unauthorised access to our website by a malicious third party,” the email states.

The online store then launched an investigation and “quickly identified the root cause and have taken the necessary steps to address the issue”, the note continues.

It added that “Fragrance Direct Username and Password”, along with “Name, Address and Phone Number”, and “Credit and Debit Card Details” spilled into the wrong hands.

Source: What’s that smell? Perfume merchant senses the scent of a digital burglary • The Register

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