Tablet PCs

Tablet PC’s come in all shapes and sizes. This is a quick look at tablet PCs on the market without keyboards and without potentially breakable hinges.
Electrovaya Inc. has the Scribbler SC-3100

Ace Asia Co., Ltd. has the T201

Fujitsu has the Stylistic ST5100

Itronix offerts the rugged Gobook Series

Motion Computing offers 3 different types of tablet PCs

of varying sizes and accessories

tabletkiosk offers a selection of tablets – they’re actually more UMPCs but come in varying degrees of price and capability

[Update]TabletKiosk is upgrading their line in 2008 with a modular unit and more grunt.

DRS-TS has a few imaginitively named portable tablets, such as the Hammerhead Xtreme

Then there’s the ulimate in ruggedised: the Xplore Technologies iX104C3Plus series

Then Amtek has this iTablet T221 going for around EUR 1,552.

The Axiotron Modbook is a modified Macbook. It’s the only tablet mac and the specs look very good – it’s fast and sensitive and has a 12800*800 resolution, so it’s useable as well. Of course, you should be able to install Vista on it too… is a good site to keep track of what’s happening in this market

7″ Tablet PC running Windows CE has some fair specs. Would be good to see it running Linux!

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