Top Programming Languages That Generate Software Vulnerabilities (Hint: PHP)

PHP continues to be one of the main sources for many security bugs

With a huge fanbase and used in countless of apps and websites around the Internet, PHP is ranked the worst when it came to command injection bugs, but also came close to the top when it came to SQL injections, cross-site scripting bugs, and cryptographic issues.

Taking a closer look at PHP, we also see that 86% of all the analyzed apps included XSS issues, 73% included cryptographic issues, 67% allowed for directory traversal, 61% for code injection, 58% had problems with credentials management, 56% included SQL injection issues, and 50% allowed for information leakage.

When it came to policy compliance tests, scanned PHP applications passed the OWASP Top 10 tests only in 19% of the cases. ColdFusion had the only lowest rating with 17% while C/C++ passed OWASP tests in 60% of the cases.

Source: Top Programming Languages That Generate Software Vulnerabilities

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