$100k speakers used NASA software in conception

These here are some fancy, expensive speakers. The Pantheon Loudspeakers from Siltech stand an imposing 63-inches tall and weigh a hefty 310 pounds, but it’s more than their size that makes them stand out. No, what makes them unique is the fact that they used “NASA-used software called multi physic Cosmol that helped them simulate mechanical, electrical and acoustic room behavior from every angle before coming up with a prototype.”

The price for speakers designed the same way a spaceship is designed? Oh, just about $100,000 a pair. Totally worth every penny, I’m sure. I mean, you didn’t want to buy a house in this lifetime anyways. Why buy when you can rent and put completely ludicrous and overpriced speakers in your rental? Makes sense to me. — Adam Frucci

Stereophile, via BornRich

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