$3.4 million home theater setup is probably nicer than yours

You might think that your home theater setup is impressive, what with all the time, effort, and money you put in to getting it perfect. The big-screen HDTV, the surround sound, and the layout were all chosen so meticulously. Well, chances are, your setup really sucks compared to the winner of Home Entertainment’s “Installation of the Year” award.

Created at a cost of about $3.4 million, this ludicrous setup features such trivialities as 24-karat gold gilding details, hand embroidered fabric seats and genuine antique candle holders. Oh la la! As for the actual guts of the thing, it features a CAT/MBX speaker system, a 3-feet long Runco MBX-1 projector that can throw images as wide as 40 feet, and 38 distinct audio zones. Overkill? Definitely. But I don’t see your living room in a niche magazine spread. — Adam Frucci

HedMag, via BornRich

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