A yacht powered by a gigantic kite

Powering your boat via an engine is so last year. The new cool way to propel your new luxury yacht? A big kite, of course. What, you don’t think it’d be enough? You obviously don’t know much about kites, my friend.

This Kite Sailing Yacht uses a giant parachute-sized kite on a long tether. By keeping it high above the boat, it’s able to catch the faster winds that zoom at higher altitudes. The kite is shaped so even a light breeze can propel the boat. The yacht itself can hold 8 passengers and is sure to be the most badass boat docked at the marina. Or at least it would be if it actually existed and wasn’t just a design concept. Oh well, maybe someday. You need time to save up for it anyways. — Adam Frucci

Via YankoDesign

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