‘Design A’ pen phone won’t leave ink in your ear

I remember when a pen was considered fancy if it had more than one tube of ink in it. Y’know, the kind with all the different click nubs on top so you can write in black or blue or red. Well, that’s not enough for a pen these days. We just got done gawking at this pen/camcorder hybrid, and now here’s the mysterious “Design A” pen phone. Despite only being 8.7 inches in length, the pen phone still manages to pack in a full row of numbers, a control wheel where the click-nub would go, a micro SD slot and a screen to display calling information. While you could hold it up to your head to talk, ultra compact designs like the pen phone usually capitalize on the prevalence of Bluetooth headsets.

“Design A” is just a concept at the moment. The undisclosed designer is reportedly attempting to gauge how much interest there is for it before it braves the murky waters of a real market. — Kevin Hall

Gizmodo, via Textually

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