Electric Cruiser is a mash-up of a unicycle, Segway, laziness

The Mademoto Electric Cruiser has done the unthinkable and taken all of the beneficial purposes out of rollerskates, skateboards and other manual modes of rolling transportation. Thank of the Electric Cruiser as the front half of an electric moped, a juiced up unicycle or a severely gimped Segway. It is designed to happily drag you around while using rollerskates, skateboards or other modes of manual, wheeled transportation.

Obviously, the included flame decals on the Electric Cruiser demonstrate the badassery that one electric cruising individual embodies. It likely won’t make you look any cooler and definitely won’t help you exercise while skating, but at least it is electric, and therefore green! — Travis Hudson

Mademoto Electric Cruiser, via 7 Gadgets

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