Force feedback vest takes gaming a step too far

f gaming wasn’t already on the hot seat, now those violent games your parents and senators hate so much can now simulate gun shot and other torso wounds. The TN Game’s Third Space Vest is the work of physician Mark Ombrellaro who got the idea from a type of vest used in a real medical circumstances to simulate and investigate types of injuries.

The vest is designed with the shooter game in mind (even though it could be used for other types of games). It includes eight different zones that can apply a wide range of feedback — anywhere from a simple tap, to a full blown explosion-type of force.

This vest will be available in November for $189 and come bundled with a space game and Call of Duty II. A software development kit will be available shortly and expect patches to come for other big name shooters like the Quake, Doom and Unreal Tournament series. — Travis Hudson

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