Golaces convert any lace-up shoe into a slip-on

If you’re still stuck on Velcro and hate the embarrassing skreeep that sounds a lot like “I don’t know how to tie my shoes,” Golaces might be the perfect solution. Golaces are a set of elastic bands you string through the holes on your shoes and look a lot like laces, but without all that tricky tying and knotting. So all of the sneakers you’ve retired because they’re a pain to do up can now find a new place in your wardrobe.

Golaces come in three sizes and only cost $10. That’s a pretty cheap price for reviving your shoes. Me, I’ve already made all my lace-ups slip-ons and didn’t even know I was an inventor. I just don’t untie them. Then again, Golaces offer a variety of colors beyond white and black. — Kevin Hall

Golaces, via Cool Tools

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