Horological Machine No. 2 is one serious watch

Your watch is an important accessory. It makes a bold statement about you, as much as what you’re wearing does. And if you haven’t yet ditched your watch entirely, relying on your phone’s clock to tell you the time, you might be looking for a new watch to freshen up that tired look of yours.

Your new statement couldn’t be much bolder than the one this Horological Machine No. 2 makes. Just look at this thing! They don’t even call it a watch; to the makers, it’s a ” hree-dimensional timekeeping machine for the wrist.” How innovative! In addition to looking seriously badass, it also offers such confusing features as ” Instantaneous Jump Hour, Concentric Retrograde Minutes, Retrograde Date, Bi-Hemisphere Moon Phase and Automatic Winding.” Oh… good. You can pick yours up for a mere $59,000. — Adam Frucci

Watchismo, via BoingBoing

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