Limousine-style Prius is hand made, still gets 50 mpg

If the above photo of a “stretch Prius” looks Photoshopped to you, you’re not alone. The image elicited hundreds of deriding comments on the PriusChat message board before the car’s creator came forth and described how he “pimped” his Toyota Prius so that it would hold his family of six comfortably. Even in its modified state, which is far heavier than the original car, the owner claims that it can get up to 50 miles per gallon. He provided more pictures to show that the car is not just a miracle of digital imaging.

This larger “limousine” version of the car is actually more aerodynamic than the original. And though it took over 200 hours to modify the car, its owner claims that it was a relatively inexpensive project, costing under $10,000 because he was able to use parts from junk cars and sell the leftovers. With all those doors, it sure looks like it beats a mini-van to us. And with this solar roof rack, its mileage would be even more similar to that of a normal Prius. — S.E. Kramer

PriusChat, via Red Ferret

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