Oakley still testing MP3 sunglasses market with Split Thump revision

Oakley is still at it. Despite only having one customer for their Thump line of MP3 sunglasses — the not-so-favorable Dog the Bounty Hunter — the latest in the line of Thump MP3 sunglasses, the Split Thump is now available. Design-wise, these sunglasses have definite stepped it up a notch from its predecessors by being able to hide the earbuds in the side arms of the sunglasses.

Unfortunately, Oakley has missed the target when it comes to pricing. The multi-hundred dollar price of the original Thumps two or three years ago made sense because MP3 players were damn expensive, but now it is just shameful. The Split Thumps with a puny 2 GB MP3 player will be sold for $400.

Upon further investigation of the Oakley website finds a similar pair of Oakley sunglasses, sans the MP3 player for $170, and if my math is correct that could inevitably make the 2 GB MP3 player in the Split Thumps worth $230, or nearly the same price as the 80 GB iPod classic and way more than it should be. Yeah, that just isn’t right, Oakley. — Travis Hudson

Split Thumps, via BBG

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