Star Trek Enterprise putter boldly goes where no golf club has gone before

Your golfing buddies are either going to think you have the coolest putter ever made or that you’re a complete dweeb, but few will be neutral about this limited-edition Golfsmith Enterprise NCC-1701 putter. We thought we’d seen in the most futuristic golf club yet until we saw this one, vaguely resembling the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek. Its twin nacelles out back are actually precision cylindrical balancing weights, lending phaser-like accuracy to your putting stroke.

Designers from Golfsmith at first didn’t intend to create a strange new putter with Star Trek overtones, but once they saw the final product, they decided to boldly go and acquire official Star Trek licensing and paint it up, naming it the Enterprise and deciding it was so special they would only sell 1701 of them. To be one of the lucky members of Starfleet to use this rare tool, it’ll cost you $130 to beam one into your golf bag. — Charlie White

Star, via bb Gadgets

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