What would Jesus drive? The Terra Wind amphibious RV

Most of us are familiar with various goofy little amphibious vehicles that are good for a lark. But this one is guaranteed to induce shore-side heart attacks the first time you drive it head-first into the lake at the campground. Built by a company that’s actually called Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International, I still wonder at times if it’s all just one big elaborate joke.

Rather than starting with an existing RV and plugging up any holes, the folks at Cool Amphibious have built the Terra Wind to be more like a boat that just happens to drive on land. With its twin 19-inch screws it can hit 7 knots on water, while it will top 85 mph on terra firma. A fold-down rear platform makes fishing and swimming easy, and you can even use the slide-outs while out on the water. The main hitch I see is the $850,000 starting price ($1.2 million as pictured). For that kind of money, you could spend years traveling between luxury hotels in your Ferrari, while renting yachts as needed. — Michael Trei

Terra Wind RV, via Coolest Gadgets

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