World’s smallest spy cam now available for classy uses

Nothing says “I’m a classy guy with nothing to hide” like being really into spy cameras and equipment. But hey, I’m not here to judge, I’m here to inform. So, creeps of the world, let me introduce you to the world’s smallest lil’ camcorder.

Fitting easily into a stick of gum or a pack of cigarettes, the CAM-007 can shoot up to 2 hours of paltry 15fps video to a microSD card before the battery dies. A 1GB card can hold a generous 19 hours of sneaky footage, and the whole contraption charges via USB. It looks to be the perfect tool of the private eye or dedicated peeper, so go ahead, buy one for a mere $350. I won’t judge. Much. — Adam Frucci

Product Page, via Trends in Japan

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