June 4, 2009


Welcome to the Linkielist – a place where Edgar BV places interesting information.

Edgar BV stands on the crossroads of organisational structuring and information technology.

Your company can increase efficiency and take the next step in two ways: improve your technology and machinery, or look at it as a system comprised of people. Implementing new systems has far reaching consequences for the way your people work. At one point the next technological step becomes prohibitively expensive. In both cases, changing the way your people work through company structure and HR is often a necessity, as well as often a faster, cheaper and more secure method to achieve your strategy and realise your growth.

Edgar BV has a wealth of experience in both business structuring and information technology. Together with an international background, this familiarity with both sides of the coin allow us to help you make – and implement – the right choice for your particular situation.

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