Samsung Adds More Ads to Its TVs

The world’s largest maker of TVs by shipments added new tile ads to the main menu bar of its premium TVs in the U.S. in June 2015 and is planning to expand the program to Europe in coming months, people familiar with the matter said. […] according to one of these people, and by using software updates to retroactively activate tile ads on older smart TV models.

Samsung Adds More Ads to Its TVs – WSJ

Because really, people are going to buy hardware that forces unwanted ads down your throats! You don’t buy a TV as a service, you buy an item. Stay off it! The excuse that they are not growing in the TV business is farcical: they sell 50 million TVs per year and make $24.8 billion in revenue from that with slim profit margins – 3 to 5%. Poor Samsung, poor shareholders! I’d say they are indeed in deep shit but instead of pissing off their customers they could give me the industry instead. I wouldn’t complain about the paltry income from it.

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