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Immerz – Kor-fx

The Kor-fx plugs into your audio jack, drapes around your shoulders and makes gaming and movie watching more immersive by vibrating directly into your chest cavity. You can tell where sounds are coming from more accurately and you can play with lower volume levels. A Physics Rebel Shakes Up the Video Game World, Literally | […]

Parents not allowed to watch their children play – UK

2 council run adventure playgrounds in Watford are off limits to parents. Only “play workers” are allowed to supervise the children playing there. For some reason, the local council thinks it’s not appropriate for parents to be in the same area as playing 5 – 15 year olds. Let’s fuel the paedophile paranoia some more […]

UK adopts French 3 strikes law

Looks like the British are blithely going where the French couldn’t go by adopting a 3 strikes rule for illegal filesharers. First you get warning letters and then you get disconnected from the internet. Not only does this mean that basically your internet connection will be monitored for this kind (and what other?) behaviour, but […]

Windows 7 Shortcut keys

This is a huge and useful list: The full list of keyboard shortcuts includes: Win+Home: Clear all but the active window. Win+Space: All windows become transparent so you can see through to the desktop. Win+Up arrow: Maximize the active window. Shift+Win+Up arrow: Maximize the active window vertically. Win+Down arrow: Minimize the window/Restore the window if […]

Fixing stuff goes faster with AR

Using Augmented Reality goggles, powered on an Android platform, marines are able to maintain their vehicles 46% faster than using a laptop with technical manuals. The AR system provides label names to each object, shows a 3D model of the tool you need and gives instructions for specifica tasks overlaid on the camera view of […]

Clean Smells Promote Moral Behavior

These guys put some people through some basic trust experiments and it turns out that people who are in a recently windex-ed room behave far more morally and are much less likely to exploit other people. Clean Smells Promote Moral Behavior, Study Suggests.

Evolving swarm intelligence in robots

The Lausanne university in Switserland has moved from the software to the reality: they’ve managed to get robots to evolve and learn behaviours, as well as the behaviour to decieve and cooperate through communication (flashing lights) and movement. It’ s a very interesting experiment, showing that robots are getting smarter every day and are now […]


Ninite looks great: you select the apps you want from a whole great list of them, it then gives you a custom installer to save and that then goes and downloads and installs all the applications you selected. Ninite Easy PC Setup and Multiple App Installer – Great For Win7 Upgrades.

Windows 7 officially supports logon UI background customization

” Although this functionality was designed with OEMs in mind, it is pretty easy to turn on and off using regedit and some images lying around your hard drive. First, a check is made to determine if the customization functionality is enabled or not. More precisely, a DWORD value named OEMBackground in the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\LogonUI\Background key […]

Dutch Gov’t Has No Idea How To Delete Tapped Calls

“The law in the Netherlands says that intercepted phone calls between attorneys and their clients must be destroyed. But the Dutch government has been keeping under wraps for years that no one has the foggiest clue how to delete them Google translation. Now, an email PDF from the National Police Services Agency KLPD has surfaced, […]

Titanium | Appcelerator

Titanium allows you to develop apps for iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac OS and Linux using Javascript, CSS, HTML, Python, Ruby and now PHP. Download Titanium | Appcelerator.

iPhone 91 PC Suite

The PC Suite is also available for Windows Mobile and Android and offers and alternative way to handle your phone. For the iPhone it offers a way out of itunes and gives you the ability to mass SMS, back up your entire iphone (including cydia apps), a ringtone community and maker, a file explorer and […]

Cops DNA boy for throwing tiny ketchup pot at McDonald’s

So, son, you defended your woman by throwing some ketchup? That’s you on file – fingerprinted and DNA’d at the copshop. I’m sure it’s making the UK safer, this kind of discipline. Cops DNA boy for throwing tiny ketchup pot at McDonald’s | The Sun |News.

First black hole for light created on Earth

The damn thing fits on a tabletop and draws electromagnetic waves to it. The practical applications are for drawing sunlight, so collecting solar energy. It’ll mean you can do away with all those panels, as this should be much more efficient. First black hole for light created on Earth – physics-math – 14 October 2009 […]

Eurojet proposes thrust-vectoring upgrade for Typhoon

This thing was proposed from the outset, but I have no idea what happened to it. Now finally they’ve got it going, and they’re claiming the new nozzles add 7% thrust and reduce fuel consumption by 5%. VIDEO: Eurojet proposes thrust-vectoring upgrade for Typhoon.


The Bloomframe is a windowframe that unfolds to become a balcony whenever you want one.

Reverse Image Searching

In this form of searching, you upload an image, sketch or 3D object, and you get results based on where the image comes from, where else the image is placed and if (and where) there are similar images on the net. Image Searchers: TinEye RevIMG retrievr – search by sketch / search by image Sauce […]

Raise the speed limit!

As an example, Peterson pointed to changes made along a section of Interstate 496 outside of Lansing, which accounted for 40 percent of reported incidents of aggressive driving in that area. When the speed limit was raised from 55 mph to 70 mph, incidents of aggressive driving dropped to zero. “The low speed limit frustrated […]

Star Wars: Uncut

This is a remake of Star Wars with a twist: The whole movie has been cut up into 15 second clips. You can choose up to three clips, film it yourself and upload your interpretation. This is then spliced together and will form a final movie. So far, 105 clips still need to be made. […]

UK: CCTV snooping becomes a game

Yup – someone had to think of a way to turn those CCTV camera’s into something that everyone had access to! In an internet game, people are encouraged to use the CCTV network to spy on people in the street. Whoever catches the most “criminals” (say litterers or jaywalkers) gets GBP 1000,- every month! Have […]

85% of Mac users own a PC

Which goes to show – it’s the Ipod / Iphone which is floating the Apple. Nope, Macs just suck and their fanboy users are a teeny tiny minority. And the rest of the I-Have-A-Mac smug bastards are hypocrites. You wouldn’t need a PC if your Mac was so perfect, now would you, mister I’m a […]

Buma/Stemra blocker

The Dutch RIAA: Buma / Stemra has decided it wants all users that link in a Youtube video into their page, to pat EUR. 150,- for up to 6 videos or songs. Fucking arseholes. So – people are  putting out plugins to block Buma / Stemra IPs. Weblogs houden spider Buma/Stemra buiten | Webwereld.

Pirate Bay continues

The whole Pirate Bay saga continues: after strange court orders, dodgy sales, bans on Google, etc, etc, here is the  latest: Pirate Bay’s Peter Sunde has gone to the Dutch police and has charged the Brein organisiation with fabrication of evidence and fraud. Pirate Bay doet aangifte tegen Brein en Kuik – update 2 | […]

Dormring1 Chines clickfrauds

It took this network of 200,000 IP adresses 2 weeks to amass $3M. Who knows how long it has been operating or how much it scammed in total? $3 Million In Click Fraud Over Two Weeks? Just The Beginning – Chinese click fraud ring – Gizmodo.

Kempler & Strauss W PhoneWatch

This watchphone is bluetooth enabled and costs only around $200 Kempler & Strauss W PhoneWatch is everything we ever wanted in life.

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