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Project Naptha – Copy and translate text in images

Project Naptha automatically applies state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms on every image you see while browsing the web. The result is a seamless and intuitive experience, where you can highlight as well as copy and paste and even edit and translate the text formerly trapped within an image via Project Naptha.

tesseract-ocr – An OCR Engine for 60 languages

Tesseract is probably the most accurate open source OCR engine available. Combined with the Leptonica Image Processing Library it can read a wide variety of image formats and convert them to text in over 60 languages. It was one of the top 3 engines in the 1995 UNLV Accuracy test. Between 1995 and 2006 it […]

Real-Time Face Substitution Will Hide You In The Scariest Way Possible

Michael Robertson: Introducing The World’s First Radio Search Engine

I just launched a beta version of – the world’s first radio search engine. There are other directories of A-Z lists of radio stations, but this is the first search engine where any song or artist can be located on stations playing from anywhere in the world. A universal web player for the first […]

Five Best Video Converters

This is a usefull list if you don’t want to handle the command line ffmpeg. It recommends 5 other free utils that are easy to use in varying amounts: MPEG Streamclip (which also works on OSX) Format Factory Handbrake (which is primarily a DVD ripper) Freemake Video Converter SUPER Five Best Video Converters.

Torrent Butler

This site gives you a list of movies in a XBMC style visual interface, suggesting the latest torrents to you as though you were in a videotheque instead of having to search for specific movies. Movies & Torrents | Torrent Butler.

Picrap – TV movies and shows

This site is free, you don’t need to register and streams TV and movies to all over the world… Full Length TV Episodes, Latest Movies, TV Schedule and More –

Channel 4 to crash passenger jet

A passenger jet is to be deliberately crash-landed as part of a scientific experiment on Channel 4 that the broadcaster hopes will be one of its biggest hits of next year. Two pilots will parachute from the 300-seat airliner after setting it on autopilot to crash at high speed into the desert. The plane will […]


This page crawls your website and takes a screenshot using one of a vast amount of browsers available so you can see what that browser sees without having to actually install that browser. Check Browser Compatibility, Cross Platform Browser Test – Browsershots.

Inventors develop transistor to change color of any surface

This means that with some refinement, they can turn anything into a screen.

Web Video Cheat Sheet

This is a huge huge list of video sharing websites you can use as a YouTube alternative.

Passive-aggressive notes

“Painfully polite and hilariously hostile writing from shared spaces all over the world” Bacon is life, indeed.

Give up TV, watch the Web

Plenty of ways to watch television on the PC, and plenty of ways to watch the webcasts, but what to watch? Lifehacker has a nice list of links to visit.

Futurama will be back

Comedy Central has resurrected the former Fox animated SF series Futurama, ordering 13 episodes to debut in 2008, Variety reported. The deal builds on the cable network’s acquisition of the 72-episode library last fall. Discussions about a revival of the half-hour show began in earnest earlier this year between Futurama producer 20th Century Fox Television […]

Al Jazeera journalists run a blog

Aptly enough, it’s named “Don’t bomb us” – probably because Washington’s resident chimpansee wants to blow them up because of their annoying habit of reporting on current events in Iraq.

Creepy Face

Dominique Mouseover, clickety-click..


It’s sounds to me like a word for describing the act of coughing up feces, but no – it’s the name of a manufactured girl group targeting 8-year olds with a significantly sub-average IQ. Hey, it’s a HUUUGE segment, right, don’t diss this shit! Check out the awesomeness that is Huckapoo here. Turn the volume […]

Brazilian Star Wars

Now everyone will die the primitive way! Somebody get me a copy of this..


The same scream has been used in countless Hollywood movies over and over again for the past 50 years.. The Wilhelm Scream

Nostalgia galore

In the Summer of 2001, Jason Scott, a computer historian (and proprietor of the history site) wondered if anyone had made a film about these BBSes. They hadn’t, so he decided he would. Four years, thousands of miles of travelling, and over 200 interviews later, “BBS: The Documentary”, a mini-series of 8 episodes about […]

Warez, Inc.

Fine example of NuMedia at Drama series about the warez scene. No. Really. Seriously. I can’t imagine it appealing to Joe Blow, but I’m on episode 3 myself.

New episodes of Full House, sort of

Fanfic new episodes for season 9 + 10. W. T. F.

Return of the Suckage

George Lucas is describing the forthcoming finale to his Star Wars series as “Titanic in space.” Oh boy.. Obviously, fans would love to see a movie about Darth Vader running around killing people. I’m not telling that story, and I’m not interested in that. That’s not what the movie is. What an asshat. The one […]

Squooshy Pineapple Photos

Alternative captions.

This shouldn’t be much of a shocker..

.. but I’m guessing it is. I mean, it made me go wtf and I’m fairly cynical to start off with. Most of the stuff you see in media is fake. That definitely includes things like bikini models. There are zooms tabs on the left. Don’t skip those.

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