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The Art Institute of Chicago has thousands of art pieces scanned high resolution, many under public domain

Discover art by Van Gogh, Picasso, Warhol & more in the Art Institute’s collection spanning 5,000 years of creativity. Source: Discover Art & Artists | The Art Institute of Chicago

Can AI Create True Art?

just last month, AI-generated art arrived on the world auction stage under the auspices of Christie’s, proving that artificial intelligence can not only be creative but also produce world class works of art—another profound AI milestone blurring the line between human and machine. Naturally, the news sparked debates about whether the work produced by Paris-based […]

Fold N Fly ✈ – paper airplane index

A database of paper airplane folding designs and instructions Source: Fold N Fly ✈

Winamp returns in 2019 to whip the llama’s ass harder than ever

For those who don’t remember: Winamp was the MP3 player of choice around the turn of the century, but went through a rocky period during Aol ownership (our former parent company) and failed to counter the likes of iTunes and the onslaught of streaming services, and more or less crumbled over the years. The original […]

Earth at Night visualised with light intensity as terrain height

Explore the Earth at night as seen by Suomi NPP VIIRS using the Esri ArcGIS API for JavaScript. Lights are rendered as 3D terrain. Source: Earth at Night

AI Imagines Nude Paintings as Terrifying Pools of Melting Flesh

When Robbie Barrat trained an AI to study and reproduce classical nude paintings, he expected something at least recognizable. What the AI produced instead was unfamiliar and unsettling, but still intriguing. The “paintings” look like flesh-like ice cream, spilling into pools that only vaguely recall a woman’s body. Barrat told Gizmodo these meaty blobs, disturbing […]

Artists Protest Elite Art World With Unauthorized AR Gallery at the MoMA

On Friday, eight artists launched an augmented reality gallery at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, digitally overlaying their artwork over the museum’s. Motherboard reports the guerrilla installation was created and deployed without the museum’s permission. “Hello, we’re from the internet” is an “unauthorized gallery concept aimed at democratizing physical exhibition spaces, museums, […]

New scanning technique reveals secrets behind great paintings

Researchers in the US have used a new scanning technique to discover a painting underneath one of Pablo Picasso’s great works of art, the Crouching Woman (La Misereuse Accroupie). Underneath the oil painting is a landscape of Barcelona which, it turns out, Picasso used as the basis of his masterpiece. The new x-ray fluorescence system […]

X degrees of seperation lets an AI show you how any two art objects are related

you choose a sculpture and a painting and the Artificial Intelligence shows you how they are related through other art works. Invisible inspiration!

Google Experiments in Art

Try out experiments at the crossroads of art and technology, created by artists and creative coders with Google Arts & Culture. The selection of artworks are from Google Arts & Culture, shared by museums and archives around the world Source: Experiments

Radio Garden – Explore live radio by rotating the globe.

Source: Radio Garden

Top of the bots: This AI isn’t a cold, cruel killing machine – it’s a pop music hit machine

Great article about AI being used to create musical art, with links. The music sounds good too! Source: Top of the bots: This AI isn’t a cold, cruel killing machine – it’s a pop music hit machine

Adjusting map data with Mapshaper

Map making is a finicky challenge where oftentimes your map data — points, lines, and polygons — must align just right with your external data that exists as a CSV file or related. Mapshaper is an online tool that helps you massage your geographic data to where it needs to be. Source: Adjusting map data […]

Mike Kelley Aviation Art

Mike Kelley is a Los Angeles based artist specializing in architectural, aerial, and aviation photography. Source: Mike Kelley Art This stuff is made by sitting at an airport, taking pictures of everything that flies by and then creating a composite.

Interactive cross-platform JavaScript HTML5 Charts, Maps, Stocks and Gantts for your project | AnyChart

AnyChart is a flexible JavaScript (HTML5) based solution that allows you to create interactive and great looking charts. It is a cross-browser and cross-platform charting solution intended for everybody who deals with creation of dashboard, reporting, analytics, statistical, financial or any other data visualization solutions. PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android devices – AnyChart works everywhere, […]

Splash allows you to search for pictures on 500px by drawing your own colours

Select a color and size for your brush. Then, Splash paint on the canvas and see matching photos appear in your search results. Keep adding colors to see your results change, and adjust the category filter to see different images. 500px

Views of the World – worldmapping beyond mere description

The maps and cartograms here are pretty spectacular! Source: Views of the World – worldmapping beyond mere description Another nice site to visit is ICA Commission on Mapdesign

Wave City 3d printed Coffee Table

Wave Coffee Table Source: mousarris | Wave Coffee Table

Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back despecialised editions

info on star wars info on empire strikes back

rOEN911’s DeviantArt Gallery – warplanes and spacecraft

3D and 2D renders DeviantArt is the world’s largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. Source: rOEN911’s DeviantArt Gallery

Do Googles’ Neural Networks “Dream”?

Well it kind of looks that way – when you train their network to recognise stuff it can add items to pictures. Source: Research Blog: Inceptionism: Going Deeper into Neural Networks

Krita – digital painting tool – now also on Windows

Krita is especially useful if you have a tablet. It’s been out on Linux for a long time and is very popular for comic art. News.

3d sculpting: MIT ‘smart tools’ meld personal technique with computerized controls

You create a 3d model and then use the tool to whittle away the block of material

LightZone | Open-source digital darkroom software for Windows/Mac/Linux

Lightzone allows you to select areas of photographs and manipulate the light on each of these areas seperately. LightZone | Open-source digital darkroom software for Windows/Mac/Linux.

Hintli Yeteneksiz siniz böyle olur on Vimeo

These guys are fucking nuts. I’ve never seen anyone go quite as crazy as these guys. Well worth viewing! Hintli Yeteneksiz siniz böyle olur on Vimeo on Vimeo via Hintli Yeteneksiz siniz böyle olur on Vimeo.

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