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Dutch defence minister and top general step down for munition problem out of their control. How is this taking responsibility?

Due to an accident caused by a mortar exploding within the launch tube, both the Dutch minister of Defence, Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, and commander of the armed forces, Tom Middendorp have both fallen on their swords. The incident involved the sloppy purchasing of a mortar grenade in 2006 (expedited for the Afghan war), which led to […]

Jean-Claude Juncker: ‘English is losing importance’ – so only the French get to hear his views on the EU

Juncker said he was opting for French because “slowly but surely English is losing importance in Europe and France has elections this Sunday and I want the French people to understand what I am saying about the importance of the EU.” The Commission president tackled the row that erupted over a private meeting he had […]

CIA Can Anticipate Social Unrest ‘Three to Five Days’ Out in Some Cases

The agency, Hallman said, has significantly improved its “anticipatory intelligence,” using a mesh of sophisticated algorithms and analytics against complex systems to better predict the flow of everything from illicit cash to extremists around the globe. Deep learning and other forms of machine learning can help analysts understand how seemingly disparate data sets might be […]

Study finds relationship between knowing you’re under surveillance and the views you post online

Instead, it attenuates the relationship between the opinion climate and voicing opinions except among a small number of participants who believe surveillance is not justified. Those who firmly believe that the govern-ment’s monitoring programs are unacceptable decide whether to share their views entirely independently of both perceived surveillance and the opinion climate. […]Although not directly […]

NL Minister Blok takes flying leap from reality in criticism of open source

The minister states that he thinks (his vision is backed by a bunch of closed source software vendors [Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, KPN, CapGemini, Ordina, ATOS, CGI and IBM]) that not having to buy licenses is offset by the costs of having to manage and pay for the deployments of open source software (OSS). Which is […]

The end of Democracy in NL

The Netherlands is now officially moving towards becoming a banana republic. Foreign media hasn’t really seemed to catch on to this, but there’s a very important cabinets crisis happening in the Netherlands at the moment. A translated version for English people: An incredibly stupid law* was stopped in the senate by 3 brave PvdA** senators […]

US Is an Oligarchy Not a Democracy, says Scientific Study | Common Dreams

Despite the seemingly strong empirical support in previous studies for theories of majoritarian democracy, our analyses suggest that majorities of the American public actually have little influence over the policies our government adopts. […] When the preferences of economic elites and the stands of organized interest groups are controlled for, the preferences of the average […]

NL Gov decides Police can break into houses with (almost) no cause

All that is needed to break into and search a Dutch residence is a “suspicion” that there “may be” an illegal immigrant in there. Once inside, the (military) police is allowed to search through absolutely everything in a violent manner, stopping short of breaking down walls. You can stop them by showing your identity papers […]

French students sue Twitter $50 Million After Refusing To Identify Authors Of Racist And Anti-Semitic Tweets

The French have much stricter anti-hate speech laws than the US, so some Jewish students thought they would go after Twitter when users of their service posted anti-semitic content. Twitter removed the content, but didn’t identify the culprits. The students feel they have the right to personal retaliatiin or something and went crying to a […]

US calls Assange (Wikileaks) an ‘enemy of state’

They’ve put him on the same status as Al Quaida, so who knows, will they try to assassinate him? And if US personell try to talk to Wikileaks employees, they’re spies and will be shot (I guess). US calls Assange 'enemy of state'.

Discursive Politics – Language with a Spin

A project sponsored by the Austrian Science Fund FWF has made a detailed investigation on what viewers understand and how they evaluate the statements of politicians during televised debates. To this effect, software-assisted conversation analysis established how the individual social knowledge of viewers nurtures the interpretations – and reinterpretations – of political statements. For the […]

‘Social Voting’ Really Does Rock the Vote

A study of 61 million Facebook users finds that using online social networks to urge people to vote has a much stronger effect on their voting behavior than spamming them with information via television ads or phone calls. via 'Social Voting' Really Does Rock the Vote – ScienceNOW.

Parliament for the people! Adhocracy / LiquidDemocracy / LiquidFeedback

Adhocracy is a policy drafting tool for distributed groups. It allows members of organizations or the public to compose or vote documents that represent the policy of the group. In order to allow cooperation, Adhocracy uses LiquidDemocracy, a set of ideas that include delegating a user’s voting rights to another to enable both active and […]

Open Ministry: Finnish crowd sourced lawmaking

From the start of March, the new Citizens’ Initiative Act will come into force. According to the new law, a required minimum of 50,000 citizens of voting age can launch a bill that Parliament then has to process. On the Open Ministry website, anyone can present an idea for a law initiative. If the idea […]

Idiot .Amsterdam politico wants to spend fortune on gTLD.

Some idiots think that the city of Amsterdam should do anything to set up a .amsterdam global top level domain to market the city (so you could have as a web address). 'Gemeente moet topleveldomein .amsterdam claimen' | Webwereld. That, hoewever, costs $185,000 New gTLD Applicant guidebook, ch. 1.5 as well as having to […]

NL .gov opens anonymous portal to tell on Midden and Eastern Europeans

Basically the PVV, backed by Mark Rutte, the Dutch prime minister, have a few sensationalist headlines from a religious magazine that no-one knows (Reformatiorich Dagblad) or reads and a few from a more serious newspaper (AD) that aren’t so sensationalist, and on the basis of this they’ve decided to open up a Hitlerite plan to […]

NL gov wants to revoke NL nationality for expat Dutch people

Aside from the fact that NL is a trading nation and thus has a disproportionate amount of people living and working outside of the Netherlands and thus having multiple nationalities, it makes it seem like having the Dutch nationality is like being a member of some kind of exclusive club. What nonsense! Being a member […]

Dutch .gov accidentally votes for internetfilter destroying intended net neutrality

PvdA zweert reparatie van netneutraliteit | Webwereld.

European Court of Justice To Outlaw Internet Filtering; Esp. For Copyright Enforcement

It looks like where copyright goons and the NL are failing by wanting to turn our society into a surveillance society, the unelected EU Court may come to citizens’ rescue: Advocate General Cruz Villalón considers that the installation of that filtering and blocking system is a restriction on the right to respect for the privacy […]

The great internet censorship firewall of… The Netherlands!

Without any judge or court of justice having to ‘interfere’, the NL department of justice is going to just filter out access to sites they don’t like. Because that’s never gone wrong before and no-one has ever misused that power. Not only are they going to do that, but in the process they’ll be spying […]

EU Votes on copyright extension soon – mail your local JURI MEP today!

Background: In 2009, the EU discussed the issue of a term extension for the ”neighbouring rights” that record companies have to recorded music. These neighbouring rights are now 50 years from the recording of a song. The proposal was to extend them to 95 years. After a lively debate in the European Parliament, it was […]

Net giants challenge French data law that stores your password as plaintext

The law obliges a range of e-commerce sites, video and music services and webmail providers to keep a host of data on customers. This includes users’ full names, postal addresses, telephone numbers and passwords. The data must be handed over to the authorities if demanded. This means that the data which is handed over can […]

Palestine papers – Israel / Palestinian negotiation papers leaked

Like wikileaks for the Middle East, it shows concessions made by the Palestinians weren’t good enough for Israel and the US was running around showboating, not doing much constructive. The story behind the Palestine papers | World news | The Guardian.

Hungary goes dictatorship – crazy media law requires “balance” (whatever that is) or huge fines

Under the new law, a government-appointed media council will have the power to decide whether a publication has broken rules on what it calls balanced and ‘moral’ reporting, and can issue heavy fines. Print and Internet media can face fines of more than $100,000 and broadcasters nearly $1 million, if, for example, their coverage is […]

Primaries For Palin – Democrats want you to vote for the weakest Republican! aims to nominate Sarah Palin as the Republican presidential candidate by encouraging Democrats and Independents to purposefully vote for her in state primaries. In head-to-head polls with President Barack Obama, Palin consistently fares worse than other possible Republican candidates because of her divisiveness. If Palin is nominated, Obama has a much better chance of […]

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