Dutch minister of Justice holds coronaparty, changes law to escape consequences, appears to DMCA to delete from internet, better than Cummings!

The man who told all of the Netherlands to keep to 1.5m distance and to stay away from older people (Grapperhaus) was photographed hugging his mother in law and repeatedly breaking the distance at his wedding. This is the man who fines people EUR 400,- for this and then gives them a permanent record.

He wasn’t fined – although he did donate some money to the red cross and it didn’t go onto his permanent record. He expressed some sorrow that he was caught when cross examined and then changed the law so that there would be no more permanent crime record. In this way he could remain in parliament, because ciminals have no place there. He also instantly destroyed any credibility he had as well as any ability to enforce any laws. Silmoutaneously the Netherlands was turned into a banana republic.

His party, the CDA (Christian Democrats) decided not to ask Grapperhaus to do the honorable thing and step down and accept his punishment, so the Dutch coalition had no choice but to stand by him or face a parliamentary crisis.

Of course this might remind you of Dominic Cummings, who drove all across the UK to visit his mother during lockdown.

Now searching for images a few days after the fact reveals that a lot of the pictures seem to be unfindable, don’t link properly and are just plain gone, which is usually the right of throwing DMCA and right to be forgotten lawyers at things.

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