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Intel’s new Vaunt smart glasses actually look good

There is no camera to creep people out, no button to push, no gesture area to swipe, no glowing LCD screen, no weird arm floating in front of the lens, no speaker, and no microphone (for now). From the outside, the Vaunt glasses look just like eyeglasses. When you’re wearing them, you see a stream […]

Scientists Found a Way to Make Inexpensive, Solid-Looking 3D Holograms / volumetric displays

Researchers at Brigham Young University in Utah made something they’re calling an Optical Trap Display (OTD). The device traps a tiny opaque particle in mid-air using an invisible laser beam, then moves the beam around a preset path in free space. At the same time, it illuminates the particle with red, green, or blue lights. […]

Asus Bezel-Free Kit uses illusion to hide bezels in multimonitor setups

The concept is simple. Thin lenses are placed along the seams where screens meet; they contain optical micro-structures that refract light, bending it inward to hide the bezels underneath. […] The kit’s optical obfuscation is designed to work at a specific angle. We selected 130° because it offered the best balance of comfort and immersion […]

Does your monitor unplug from HDMI when you turn it off and mess up your desktop? Monitordetectkiller is the solution!

Remove Monitor Detection EDID override turn off disable monitor auto detect remove windows monitor autodetect The computer detects when a TV/monitor is ‘turned off’ or ‘switched’ to another input. Then when powered-on or switched back, it gives the wrong resolution or breaks your extended display to reflect the single monitor, there may even be crashes […]

Data Viz Project | Collection of data visualizations to get inspired and finding the right type.

Collection of data chart and graph visualizations to get inspired and finding the right type. Source: Data Viz Project | Collection of data visualizations to get inspired and finding the right type.

Researchers Discover a Method That Could Triple Our Screen Resolutions

The researchers have outlined the technical details in a new study published in Nature. Basically, what they’ve done is figure out a method to control subpixels with voltage. Each pixel on an LCD screen contains three subpixels. Each of those subpixels handles one of three colors: red, green or blue. A white backlight shines through […]

World’s thinnest hologram paves path to new 3D world – RMIT University

Now a pioneering team led by RMIT University’s Distinguished Professor Min Gu has designed a nano-hologram that is simple to make, can be seen without 3D goggles and is 1000 times thinner than a human hair. “Conventional computer-generated holograms are too big for electronic devices but our ultrathin hologram overcomes those size barriers,” Gu said. […]

feeling things you touch in VR

haptics for VR walls and other objects [CHI17 fullpaper] ← SIC on EMS [UIST16 contest hardware] Ad Infinitum: a parasite [ScienceGallery’17] → In this project, we explored how to add haptics to walls and other heavy objects in virtual reality. Our main idea is to prevent the user’s hands from penetrating virtual objects by means […]

Projection mapping on a moving surface

This research aims at overcoming this limitation and realizes dynamic projection mapping in which dynamically-changing real-world and virtual visual information are completely merged in the level of human visual perception. This high-speed dynamic projection mapping requires a high-speed projector enabling high-frame-rate and low-latency projection. In order to meet this demand, we have developed a high-speed […]

Oculus Rift DRM circumvented for HTC Vive

Play Oculus exclusive games on the HTC Vive Github

nodegoat – web based visualisation environment

nodegoat is a web-based data management, network analysis & visualisation environment.Using nodegoat, you can create and manage any number of datasets by use of a graphic user interface. Your custom data model autoconfigures the backbone of notegoat’s core functionalities.Within nodegoat you are able to instantly analyse and visualise datasets. nodegoat allows you to enrich data […]

HuddleLamp – Spatially-Aware Mobile Displays for Ad-hoc Around-the-Table Collaboration

Put your mobile devices on a table and turn them into the windows of a huge display. Source: HuddleLamp – Spatially-Aware Mobile Displays for Ad-hoc Around-the-Table Collaboration

Picopros | Pico Projector Reviews, Pico Projectors, Pico Projector News

Source: Picopros | Pico Projector Reviews, Pico Projectors, Pico Projector News

Po-motion Interactive Floor and Wall Displays – software from USD 32

Po-motion Interactive Floor and Wall Displays – Games – Projections.

RAW visualises your data into vector or png graphics

Upload your spreadsheet, choose your chart type, axis and tweak your design, download your graph or chart as an svg or png. Easy! RAW.

Ultrasound makes hologram keyboard touchy-feely – tech – 28 October 2014 – New Scientist

Now thin air can be a touchscreen. Yasuaki Monnai and his team at the University of Tokyo have created a virtual screen you can feel. Called HaptoMime, it uses reflective surfaces to create a holographic display. via Ultrasound makes hologram keyboard touchy-feely – tech – 28 October 2014 – New Scientist.

PrintScreen: print touch screens on anything, including paper

PrintScreen is an enabling technology for digital fabrication of customized flexible displays using thin-film electroluminescence (TFEL). It enables inexpensive and rapid fabrication of highly customized displays in low volume, in a simple lab environment, print shop or even at home. We show how to print ultra-thin (120 um) segmented and passive matrix displays in greyscale […]

Aero Glass – AR for pilots using Epson Moverio glasses

Using the Epson Moverio glasses, Augmented reality projects the following features onto the lenses in 3D. Airports Navigation Aids ADS-B traffic Flight Plan route & waypoints Airways Geographic points of interest (cities, villages, visual navigation points) Soon followed by: Airspaces Terrain elevation Procedures ILS approach cones FLARM traffic (for glider) Weather Dynamic Data (NOTAM, TFRs) […]

Sharp Develops Free-Form Display, Enables Vastly Greater Design Freedom for Displays

Sharp announces the development of the Free-Form Display, a device that can be shaped to meet a wide range of user needs thanks to the incorporation of IGZO technology and proprietary circuit design methods. Conventional displays are rectangular because they require a minimal width for the bezel in order to accommodate the drive circuit, called […]

DisplayLag | Input Lag Database: Gaming HDTVs & Monitors

Welcome to our input lag database, designed to help you find the best HDTV or monitor for gaming. via DisplayLag | Input Lag Database: Gaming HDTVs & Monitors.

metaio thermal touchscreens for AR – turn everything you see into buttons!

metaio | home | Augmented Reality Products & Solutions.

Smallx264 – batch GUI for Handbrake

This will allow you to easily convert video’s to common presets, such as for tablets and phones, without having to puzzle over the handbrake options Smallx264 | Free software downloads at

HDHomeRun TV Streamer

This takes a DVB-C cable and streams it over your entire house, to all devices with much ease and low cost. Really nice, but unfortunately not CI+ certified. Welcome to SiliconDust | SiliconDust – HDHomeRun®.

Anti glare / sunlight screens

You can put these on your laptop monitor and still be able to read the screen in the sunshine Nushield 3M HP

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