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Pornhub owner may become the UK’s gatekeeper of online porn

Mindgeek may be the most powerful company that you’ve never heard of, or at least, a company you’ll claim never to have heard about in polite company. It’s the conglomerate that owns some of the world’s most visited porn sites, including Pornhub, RedTube and YouPorn. Far from simply being a popular and free way for […]

FindFace Facial Recognition Service Becomes a Weapon Against Russian Porn Actresses

Users of the Russian imageboard “Dvach” (2chan) have launched a campaign to deanonymize Russian actresses who appear in pornography, utilizing a controversial new service called “FindFace.” Source: Facial Recognition Service Becomes a Weapon Against Russian Porn Actresses – Global Voices Advocacy What a bunch of pissants – using a creepy stalker app to then send […]

An evidence-based approach to an ancient pursuit: systematic review on converting online contact into a first date

a description of personal traits increased likeability when it: showed who the dater was and what they were looking for in a 70:30 ratio; stayed close to reality; and employed simple language with humour added. Invitations were most successful in obtaining a response from the potential date when they: were short personalised messages addressing a […]

The Fappening!

A leak list… The Fappening!.

Global Internet Porn Habits Infographic

This is a live feed of the porn searches being performed. Also, it has a map so that you can see what  the top porn searches are per country. Global Internet Porn Habits Infographic | PornMd Sex Search.

Polymorphous Perversity

Very worth reading are the a few reviews bottom right column under: “They have spoken” from big name game blogs. They all treat it very intellectually. The history of what the game is and how it was built are very interesting also. Very bizarre. You can download it for free The other games the author […]

Plastic surgeon finds the ideal breast shape by examining Page 3 girls | Mail Online

‘We used computer measuring tools to examine the dimensions and proportions of each pair of breasts, identifying four features common to all of them,’ he explains. The features analysed were the dimensions of the upper and lower pole, medical terms that describe the areas above and below the nipple; plus the angle at which the […]

Secret to a happy marriage: don’t be happier than your wife

If there is a happiness gap between you and your wife / partner, chances are she’ll break up with you… unless you’re the one more miserable. Want to keep the wife happy? Be miserable | Mail Online.

RealTouch – The World’s First Virtual Sex Device For Men

This is like the FUFME but really works: a haptic personal pussy which is linked to porn films. The makers of the device have programmed it to respond by tightening and heating and rubbing and lubing just like the pornstar you’re watching is doing in the scene on your computer. According to Fleshbot it works […]

Belle de Jour is a science nerd

After many years, book deals and a ITV series, Belle de Jour reveals her identity, Her name is Dr Brooke Magnanti. Her specialist areas are developmental neurotoxicology and cancer epidemiology. She has a PhD in informatics, epidemiology and forensic science and is now working at the Bristol Initiative for Research of Child Health. She is […]

Race matters in online dating

Those funky people at OkCupid have posted yet another article on on-line dating habits, based on statistics extracted from their system.

X-Pole 50mm Dancing Pole

The reviews make sense: this is the BEST striptease pole you can get. Easy to set up using the DVD and solid. X-Pole 50mm Dancing Pole Xpole Striptease Pro Pole: Home & Garden. NB Amazon is expensive – if you live in Europe, buy it straight from the supplier, it’s a lot cheaper!

10 Tips Good Girls Can Learn from Porn Stars

Or how to have a happy sex life – for both the girl and the guy!

Drinking coffee reduces breast size

Yet another reason to switch to tea…

US VP Paylin in Porno!

Well done America, we’re voting for YOU! 🙂

Adult Travel – Viking’s Exotic Resort – Caribbean Vacations

Welcome to the island of the whores – enjoy yourself more and more by throwing more money into the packages they have!

Bad guys get the girls

According to this article, which otherwise contains no useful information whatsoever.


Yes – it’s Wikipedia for big breasted women!

Squirting Videos Make Federal Prosecutor Mad as a Wet Hen

Deep in the bowels of Washington, a federal US Attorney is watching porn videos. Lots of porn videos. They are looking for crime, they’re looking for a cause, a way to bring back integrity to the US Attorney’s Office. Now they’ve found one: filing an obscenity case against porn legend John Stagliano, and his company […]


In a reversal of the usual order of things, the porn industry is learning from corporate america with

Larger Breasts? Drink Tea!

No idea if it works, but these guys are advertising tea that will increase ths size of your breasts. No painful surgery!

Gender differences in the nose

OK, so this is in mice, but if lab mice are engineered to not have the TRPC2 gene, or if they remove the pheremone receptor in their noses, females start acting like males and shag around, become riotous and leave their kids after as little as two days if a male comes around. The most […]

Silicone foot with pussy

This is just bizarre. Built for foot fetishists with a twist… It gets much much weirder than this…

Dating for hot people

A novel way of dating, only allows hot people in. This is measured by submitting 3 pictures. The members of the site rate you, and if your average rating is higher than an 8, you get to join. If not, then tough.


Years and years ago we had the FuckU-FuckMe genitaldrives models M and F which promised remote sex. It was a hoax, but still fun. Now another company is claiming a release of a usb version with the virtual hole and stick set. The diagrams look crude and the pictures look horrible. But is it for […]

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