Don’t update Baldur’s Gate 3: Companions Hornyness and sex is being cancelled

Sorry, it turns out it wasn’t that there was just something irresistible about you. Instead it seems that Baldur’s Gate 3 shipped with a bug that meant all the companions were way hornier than intended.

I thought something felt odd. Having played enough BioWare games over the years to know that all my companions would inevitably find me impossibly alluring at some point, I kind of shrugged when they began throwing themselves at me almost from the off. I figured Baldur’s Gate 3 developers Larian just wanted to get it out of the way, have Gale and Karlach and try to get in my pants sooner rather than later, but it certainly seemed hasty.

It turns out, as discovered by TheGamer, that this wasn’t meant to be the case. A bug slipped through that meant the requirements for companions to be unable to resist your illithid charms were set way too low.

Speaking to the game’s director and Larian boss-guy, Swen Vincke, TheGamer learned that “approval thresholds” were set too low, meaning the buddies you gather into your gang were ready to have special cuddles far sooner than planned. “That’s why they were so horny in the beginning,” explained Vincke.

This has already been fixed for a bunch of the game’s companions, but some still have their libido set to 11, awaiting cold showers in forthcoming patches. Gale was the most affected, as you probably noticed if you played the game, the thirsty wizard ready to make magic happen from the moment he meets you. Vincke told the site that he “wasn’t supposed to be, like, instantly there.”

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It’s interesting that Larian has stuck to this being a bug, not a feature, given that being ready to go isn’t exactly abnormal human/tiefling/drow behavior. “It was supposed to simulate how real relationships are,” Vincke told TheGamer, adding that behaving like this would be “problematic” in real life. Well…to some, certainly. But, you know.

It also seems less immediately untoward given Baldur’s Gate 3‘s laudable conversation options to make it clear to your NPC chums that sex isn’t something you’re interested in, even if you do want to roleplay being in love with them.

Even to my old fuddy-duddy British ways, it seems rather quaint, seeing sexual relationships as something only feasible after enough time and approval, as if an instant attraction is so unlikely or impossible. Of course, that’d be kind of weird if it were every companion, as was the case at launch. But this more conservative approach is already going to be in place for many companions for those starting the game today. Sorry, PS5 players.

Source: Baldur’s Gate 3 Companions Are So Horny Because Of A Bug

It must be Americans having complained or something. Boo.

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