Top Streamers Are Leaving Twitch Amidst Big Money And Shady Deals

Let’s say you’re an up-and-coming streamer. You’ve done it for a while and you make decent money, although you’re no Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. But you’re on your way there, or so you hope. A while back, you got the opportunity to sign with an agency that promised to help you set up deals to advertise Read more about Top Streamers Are Leaving Twitch Amidst Big Money And Shady Deals[…]

Belle de Jour is a science nerd

After many years, book deals and a ITV series, Belle de Jour reveals her identity, Her name is Dr Brooke Magnanti. Her specialist areas are developmental neurotoxicology and cancer epidemiology. She has a PhD in informatics, epidemiology and forensic science and is now working at the Bristol Initiative for Research of Child Health. She is Read more about Belle de Jour is a science nerd[…]


Harking back to the tradition of Hell’s Angels, the movie Howard Hughes famously made as the most expensive of all time at the time, Flyboys is an independent huge budget film about aviators in WWI, with real flying and loads of CGI which supposedly looks good. I’m hoping to see it! (Here’s the IMDB link)

Old Time Radio Network

OTR has a huge library of radio shows archived and free to download on their website. It’s mainly American, but seems to be growing quite fast. A lot of content! Hancocks Half Hour is way good from memory… Oh the times before TV!

Secrets of the Rebellion

This is the title of a totally unauthorised film that takes place between the last Star Wars movie to come out (Part III) and the first one to come out (part IV). The story covers some interesting background we hear about but never see of our favorite characters. Good luck guys!

Russians to fly through cave in Su-27s and Su-30s

BEIJING (AFP) – A team of Russian pilots will reportedly fly fighter jets through a narrow cave in central China in a tourist stunt that will cost people up to 840 dollars to watch. ADVERTISEMENT The Russian air force jets, including advanced Sukhoi Su-30s and Su-27s, will fly through the famed Tianmen Cave in central Read more about Russians to fly through cave in Su-27s and Su-30s[…]

Most celebs look awful in real life

Magazines, billboards, internet, the television – every day we are exposed to more and more media celebrities. Most of whom make money off of projecting a totally fake, manufactured physical identity. I often find that annoying, to say the least, so articles like this make my day.. The unforgiving clarity of high-definition television has induced Read more about Most celebs look awful in real life[…]

Aged celebrities

A list of photoshopped images of what today’s celebs might look like in the future. Kinda creepy, actually.

Tall Building Fever

Notwithstanding 9/11, people are still hungry to build skyscrapers – and even more hungry to build the Worlds Tallest Building ™ Currently there are a whole load of projects ongoing, including arguments about whether antennae and spires count. Here is a page with some of the more realistic projects described…