Superbowl XL commercials

Well, the advertising extravaganza of the year was supposed to be available on the NFL site, but blowed if I can find them there – so then I had a look for them elsewhere but that turned out to be difficult too. Finally I got them at, and they’re friendly enough to provide an XML file with the URLs to all the .mov files, so with just a tiny bit of grep and vi you can easily create a wget shell script to download them all for your own viewing pleasure 🙂

(XML is here)

2 thoughts on “Superbowl XL commercials

  • Some more Superbowl stuff:

    Yup, there was a streaker – $1.6 billion dollars of security stuff including holographic cameras and displays couldn’t stop the world famous streaker!

    Also they cut 2 words out of the Rolling Stones half time show.

    As for my vote: the best Ads were Budweisers’ Super Fan Cowboys and Secret Fridge chant, as well as Sprint’s Crime ad.

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