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New battery boffinry could ‘triple range’ of electric vehicles • The Register

A new battery designed at the University of Waterloo in Ontario could triple the range of electric vehicles, a new paper has claimed. The development, described by the article An In Vivo Formed Solid Electrolyte Surface Layer Enables Stable Plating of Li Metal (PDF) in energy journal Joule, is due to an improvement in the […]

Bitcoin could cost us our clean-energy future

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been ignoring the bitcoin phenomenon for years — because it seemed too complex, far-fetched, or maybe even too libertarian. But if you have any interest in a future where the world moves beyond fossil fuels, you and I should both start paying attention now.Last week, the value of a […]

Using LED lighting has resulted in more light, no energy savings

Using satellite-based sensors, an international team of scientists sought to understand if our planet’s surface is getting brighter or darker at night, and to determine if LEDs are saving energy at the global scale. With the introduction of solid-state lighting—such as LEDs, OLEDs, and PLEDs—it was thought (and hoped) that the transition to it from […]

One Bitcoin Transaction Now Uses as Much Energy as Your House in a Week

Bitcoin’s incredible price run to break over $7,000 this year has sent its overall electricity consumption soaring, as people worldwide bring more energy-hungry computers online to mine the digital currency.An index from cryptocurrency analyst Alex de Vries, aka Digiconomist, estimates that with prices the way they are now, it would be profitable for Bitcoin miners […]

rechargable safe battery

Through Ionic Materials’ invention of a novel solid polymer electrolyte material that conducts ions at room temperature, we are on the verge of revolutionizing battery technology. A truly solid state battery is now possible. Significant improvements in battery safety, performance and cost are achievable with ionic conductivities that exceed those of traditional liquid systems over […]

Solar panel waste creates 300 times more toxic waste per unit of energy than do nuclear power plants.


California generates 1/2 the US solar energy, has to pay neighbouring states to take the energy

California is the poster child for solar energy: in 2016, 13% of the state’s power came from solar sources. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, California is in the lead for the cumulative amount of solar electric capacity installed in 2016. In fact, the California is generating so much solar energy that it is […]

World Energy Hits a Turning Point: Solar That’s Cheaper Than Wind – Bloomberg

A transformation is happening in global energy markets that’s worth noting as 2016 comes to an end: Solar power, for the first time, is becoming the cheapest form of new electricity. This has happened in isolated projects in the past: an especially competitive auction in the Middle East, for example, resulting in record-cheap solar costs. […]

Battery breakthrough will let phones charge in seconds and last for a week

charge has been created by researchers at the University of Central Florida. The high-powered battery is packed with supercapacitors that can store a large amount of energy. It looks like a thin piece of flexible metal that is about the size of a finger nail and could be used in phones, electric vehicles and wearables, […]

Mimicking nature turns sewage into biocrude oil in minutes

the US Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) has found a way to potentially produce 30 million barrels of biocrude oil per year from the 34 billion gal (128 billion liters) of raw sewage that Americans create every day. According to PNNL, the problem with using sewage as a source material for biocrude […]

These ultra-thin solar cells can be bent around a pencil

The cells are fabricated onto a flexible substrate that is just a micrometer thick — one-half to one-quarter the thickness of other “thin” solar cells and hundreds of times thinner than conventional cells. A human hair, by comparison, is about 100 micrometers. The team at the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea […]

France to build 1000km of road with solar panels

According to France’s minister of ecology and energy, Ségolène Royal, the tender for this project is already issued under the “Positive Energy” initiative and the test for the solar panels will begin by this spring.The photo voltaic solar panels called “Wattway” which will be used in the project is jointly developed by the French infrastructure […]

Eneco WarmteWinner™ pumps ambient warm air into your CV, saves up to 60% energy

Sounds pretty amazing Bespaar tot 60% besparing op je gasverbruik met de Eneco WarmteWinner™: een kleine warmtepomp naast je cv-ketel. Bespaar tot € 250,- per jaar, simpel geplaatst én onderhoudsvriendelijk, met subsidie al binnen 4 jaar terugverdiend. Source: Eneco WarmteWinner™

Uruguay makes dramatic shift to nearly 95% electricity from clean energy

now that renewables provide 94.5% of the country’s electricity, prices are lower than in the past relative to inflation. There are also fewer power cuts because a diverse energy mix means greater resilience to droughts.It was a very different story just 15 years ago. Back at the turn of the century oil accounted for 27% […]

Scientists announce progress toward better battery to power cars – lithium-oxygen

Researchers at the University of Cambridge on Thursday announced the creation of a laboratory demonstration model of a lithium-oxygen battery that overcomes many of the barriers that have held back the development of this technology. They said the battery boasts very high energy density, is about 93 percent efficient – better than previous efforts – […]

SolarCity claims it has created the world’s most powerful solar panel

Solar City said it has created a photovoltaic panel capable of 22% efficiency, 7 percentage points higher than average solar panels. The new panels produce 30% to 40% more power over the current models, but they cost the same to manufacture — about .55 cents per watt, according to Bass. The panels, which are 1.61 […]

Greenpeace cofounder explains: Why I am a Climate Change Skeptic

Why I am a Climate Change Skeptic | Heartlander Magazine.

France decrees new rooftops must be covered in plants or solar panels

Rooftops on new buildings built in commercial zones in France must either be partially covered in plants or solar panels, under a law approved on Thursday.Green roofs have an isolating effect, helping reduce the amount of energy needed to heat a building in winter and cool it in summer.The argument for divesting from fossil fuels […]

Why More Solar Panels Should Be Facing West, Not South

That captures the most solar energy over the course of the day, which benefits the homeowner, but does so at hours that are not so helpful for the utility and the grid as a whole. Mount them to catch the sunlight from the west in the afternoon, and the panels’ production over all would fall, […]

Jet fuel from trees!

As well as getting it from sunlight, it also grows on trees… A study, Sustainable Mallee Jet Fuel, commissioned by Airbus and undertaken at the Future Farm Industries Cooperative Research Centre, found that carbon emissions from jet fuel sourced entirely from mallee crops would emit 40 per cent less carbon than those using petroleum-based jet […]

Sunlight to jet fuel: European collaboration SOLAR-JET for the first time demonstrates the entire production path of “solar” kerosene

With the first ever production of synthesized “solar” jet fuel, the EU-funded SOLAR-JET project has successfully demonstrated the entire production chain for renewable kerosene obtained directly from sunlight, water and carbon dioxide (CO2), therein potentially revolutionizing the future of aviation. This process has also the potential to produce any other type of fuel for transport […]

Scale Model WWII Craft Takes Flight With Fuel From the Sea Concept – U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Navy researchers at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), Materials Science and Technology Division, demonstrate proof-of-concept of novel NRL technologies developed for the recovery of carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen (H2) from seawater and conversion to a liquid hydrocarbon fuel. The predicted cost of jet fuel using these technologies is in the range of $3-$6 […]

Generate energy using flapping wings

This system is incredibly efficient at low wind speeds. DualWingGenerator | Festo Corporate.

Convert your van into a hybrid for $8000,- and save around 20% fuel in urban environments

A hybrid conversion is a cutting-edge technology designed to transform your existing vehicle, or a new one via ship-thru installation, into a hybrid electric vehicle. XL Hybrids system is designed to work on the most popular Class 1-3 fleet vehicles, including cargo/utility/shuttle vans. By adding hybrid powertrains to your fleet, you can cut fuel costs, […]

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