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POV Comp

Some incredible images made by the Point Of View raytracer

Week 35

Good morning and welcome to week 35. As you can see, we are cruising at a rate of one day per 24 hours, and a spin rate of 365 days per year. Please fasten your seatbelt when you see the light come on. This week we are predicting 5 days of work and 2 days […]


A chessnut thick wind sways through the room fragile elegant strides of willowy length supple graceful and strong shining inner light smiles touches softly open friendliness where a life is changed forever glittering sparkle hazel hyponosis flowers hang their heads in shame purity passes by and then gone.

A lament for the end of summer

Why in August It just isn’t right The winds blow The rain falls The clouds shut out the light Damnit, September better be good.

No Fear

WHAT IS RIGHT IS NOT ALWAYS POPULAR. WHAT IS POPULAR IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT. GET IN, SIT DOWN, SHUT UP AND HOLD ON WHO NEEDS WINGS TO FLY? You do not greet Death, you punch him in the throat repeatedly until he drags you away Running on instinct… and racing fuel

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