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iPhone Shortcut Automatically Records Police, turns off face and fingerprint ID

According to Mic, Reddit user Robert Peterson created a trick using the virtual assistant, Siri, that lowers the phone’s brightness, turns on Do Not Disturb, texts the iPhone owner’s location to an emergency contact and lets them know you have been pulled over by police. The shortcut will also automatically start recording video and, when […]

Siri Can Expose Your Hidden Notifications Even When Your Phone Is Locked

With iOS 11, Apple added a new setting that lets you choose whether you want previews of your notifications to appear on your lock screen. By default, iOS shows a preview of your notifications only when your phone is unlocked, via some form of authentication like Face ID. But Siri will read your notifications from […]

Yes, your old iPhone is slowing down: iOS hits brakes on CPUs as batteries wear out

It turns out Apple’s mobile operating system includes a throttling mechanism for devices with weary batteries, designed to limit CPU utilization in order to prevent peak power demands that the battery is no longer capable of providing. In other words, the OS secretly stalls the CPU on older iPhones to stop them rapidly draining their […]

Attention adults working in the real world: Do not upgrade to iOS 11 if you use Outlook, Exchange

Apple’s latest version of iOS, namely version 11, may struggle or flat-out fail to connect to Microsoft Office and Exchange mailboxes. That’s a rather annoying pain for anyone working in a typical Windows-based work environment. The Cupertino idiot-tax operation admitted this week that iOS 11 contains a bug that potentially leaves users locked out of […]

Apple Rolls Out New Feature That Permanently Associates Devices with Apps, Even After Deletion

Tim Cook once scolded Travis Kalanick about Uber’s practice of tracking users even after they deleted the app from their iPhones. But in its newest operating system, iOS 11, Apple is rolling out a feature that will allow the same type of tracking—but with fewer privacy implications. Apple’s new feature is called DeviceCheck and, if […]

Siri on apple lockscreens leads to people being able to break into the device

A series of YouTube videos are pointing out a flaw that could allow users to access photos on an iPhone without entering in a passcode. This requires physical access to the device, and Siri on the lock screen needs to be enabled. Source: This Weird Trick Apparently Lets You Bypass Any iPhone’s Lock Screen It […]

Apple Will Fix ‘Touch Disease’ on Your iPhone for Just $150

Apple now has a repair program in place to address the so-called “Touch Disease” problem that the iPhone repair community first raised in August. Over time, some iPhone 6 Plus users reported that the touchscreen on the phones became unresponsive, with a flickering gray bar eventually showing up at the top of the screen. Dubbed […]

A lot of good reasons to stop using iCloud

Apple’s iCloud has a long and troubled past, but the company keeps pushing it for iPhone and Mac users with every new operating system update. Don’t be fooled. The service is an inconsistent mess and more trouble than it’s worth. Source: Stop Using iCloud

Apple Logs Your iMessage Contacts — and May Share Them With Police

Every time you type a number into your iPhone for a text conversation, the Messages app contacts Apple servers to determine whether to route a given message over the ubiquitous SMS system, represented in the app by those déclassé green text bubbles, or over Apple’s proprietary and more secure messaging network, represented by pleasant blue […]

IPhones completely compromised by NSO Group. Update now!

Investigators discovered that a company called the NSO Group, an Israeli outfit that sells software that invisibly tracks a target’s mobile phone, was responsible for the intrusions. The NSO Group’s software can read text messages and emails and track calls and contacts. It can even record sounds, collect passwords and trace the whereabouts of the […]

A Design Defect Is Breaking a Ton of iPhone 6 Pluses: touchscreen controllers are dying

Microsolderer Jessa Jones can fix practically anything. But these days, she spends most of her time fixing just one thing. Because every single month, more and more iPhone 6 and (especially) 6 Plus devices show up at her shop with the same problem: a gray, flickering bar at the top of the display and an […]

Tight-wad Apple repair techs swapped our damaged iGear with used kit – lawsuit

According to the complaint, the aggrieved customers say that their AppleCare service plans should allow them to have their devices replaced with new units. The class seeks to represent customers who purchased Apple hardware with the AppleCare replacement plan and then received replacement devices from Apple when their old devices broke. The claim centers around […]

Have Your iPhone 6 Repaired, Only To Get It Bricked By Apple

In case you had a problem with the fingerprint sensor or some other small defect on your iPhone 6 and had it repaired by a non-official (read: cheaper) shop, you may be in for a nasty surprise: error 53. What happens is that during an OS update or re-install the software checks the internal hardware […]

Apple says it doesn’t know why iTunes users are losing their music files

In an extremely small number of cases users have reported that music files saved on their computer were removed without their permission. We’re taking these reports seriously as we know how important music is to our customers and our teams are focused on identifying the cause. We have not been able to reproduce this issue, […]

Confused as to WTF is happening with Apple, the FBI and a killer’s iPhone? Let’s fix that

Here’s a clear, technical Q&A Source: Confused as to WTF is happening with Apple, the FBI and a killer’s iPhone? Let’s fix that It’s a good story by the reg.

Apple’s Safari browser is crashing on iPhones and Macs worldwide – turn off search suggestions helps.

Apple’s Safari browser appears to be experiencing issues worldwide this morning. Searching from the address bar in both iOS and OS X is causing the browser to crash in some instances. The Verge has confirmed the problem on several of our own iOS devices and at least one OS X machine.”Safari’s search suggestions are to […]

The State of Mobile Application Security 2014-2015 – IOS more dangerous than Android, mainly through the apps.

The document addresses the findings of a mobile App research and summarizes concerns and approaches required to improve the state of mobile app security. Source: The State of Mobile Application Security 2014-2015 –

iOS 9 security blooper lets you BYPASS PINs, eye up photos, contacts

oops Simple sequence opens up iPhones, iPads even if they have a passcode set Source: iOS 9 security blooper lets you BYPASS PINs, eye up photos, contacts

Apple iOS Hardware Assisted Screenlock Bruteforce

You can buy the IP box on ebay for around $200. It takes 4 – 5 days to unlock any IOS device, even if it has the “Erase data after 10 attempts” configuration setting enabled. MDSec Blog: Apple iOS Hardware Assisted Screenlock Bruteforce.

Apple Deleted Rivals’ Songs from Users’ iPods

When a user who had downloaded music from a rival service tried to sync an iPod to the user’s iTunes library, Apple would display an error message and instruct the user to restore the factory settings, Coughlin said. When the user restored the settings, the music from rival services would disappear, he said. via Apple […]

iPhone 6 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 – all you need to know

iPhone 6 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 | The Onion – America's Finest News Source.

IndoorAtlas – use the worlds magnetic fields to map inside buildings

The system has an accuracy of 10ft. They have an API for apps, you can add buildings and collect map data using a smartphone. Find the inside of any building! They plan to use it to map out shopping routes for people with shopping lists. IndoorAtlas.

Word Lens, The Real-Time Translation App, is Now Free

It’s creepy to see how well it translates words on your screen… Word Lens, The Real-Time Translation App, is Now Free.

Seene – 3d scanner for your iphone

Unfortunately only for iphone, hopefully someone will build an Android version some time! Seene: Share life in 3D.

RoomScan – The app that draws floor plans by itself

RoomScan draws floor plans all by itself – just touch each wall with your phone! To get the best from the app, please have a look at these demo videos: via RoomScan – The app that draws floor plans by itself on the App Store on iTunes.

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