Apple Will Fix ‘Touch Disease’ on Your iPhone for Just $150

Apple now has a repair program in place to address the so-called “Touch Disease” problem that the iPhone repair community first raised in August. Over time, some iPhone 6 Plus users reported that the touchscreen on the phones became unresponsive, with a flickering gray bar eventually showing up at the top of the screen.

Dubbed Touch Disease by the repair vendor iFixit, the repair was relatively simple, but it required opening up the phone and soldering the two chips that cover the touch responsiveness on the iPhone. Apple Stores and Certified Apple Repair techs didn’t have the equipment for a fix, which led many users paying for more expensive logic board replacements.

Now Apple has an official program in place

Source: Apple Will Fix ‘Touch Disease’ on Your iPhone for Just $150

Apple is blaming touch disease on dropping the phone on hard surfaces, but given the prevalence of the problem, it sounds like it’s shifting the blame, which it has to, considering If you’re having that problem and your phone isn’t cracked or broken, Apple says it will repair it for $150.

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