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Kino: Kinetic, Robot jewels that crawl up and down you

Picture This Clothing – design your own kids dress

Kids design their dresses hands-on. Parents send us a picture of their art. We send back your custom cut-and-sewn dress, ready to wear! Source: Picture This Clothing – Wear your Imagination!

Jabba the Hutt Costume

Adult Jabba the Hutt Costume – Jabba the Hut Costumes.

Light Saber Keys, space keys

2 pcs. Red and Blue Light Saber Space Keys for $10,- via Light Saber Keys, space keys..

Silic : A shirt that cleans itself

Self Cleaning Clothing With Hydrophobic Nanotechnology. Ultra Soft, Breathable Fabric That Stops Stains From Sweat And Drink

ShiteShirts: The Most Outrageous Shirts in the World

ShiteShirts: The Most Outrageous Shirts in the World. These unique jackets, trousers, shirts and more are made from scrap material, ensuring you never know what you’re getting. They’re great for bachelor parties and other places you’re expected to be loud.

Romper suit to protect against sudden infant death

Breathing sensors built into romper suits could help prevent sudden cot deaths in the future. The basis for this is a stretchable printed circuit board that fits to the contours of the body and can be manufactured using routine industrial processes. Read more at: Romper suit to protect against sudden infant death.

DIY Solar Panel Backpack

A guide to set up solar panels on your backpack and use a USB hub to charge your gadgets I am » Solar Panel Backpack.

Airhead – stop helmet hair

‘Hemet hair’ is a condition caused by high humidity ironing of the hair under a compressive helmet. The Airhead increases air ventilation to reduce perspiration while creating air space for the hair. The Airhead is easy to fit, anti-static, anti-bacterial and non-allergenic. The new Airhead comes in many different colours and styles to suit your […]

Using Power Structure and Gestalt for Visual Hierarchy

Any website designer should read the following: Using Power Structure and Gestalt for Visual Hierarchy. Gestalt principles applied in design A look into colour theory in web design

Top Gun Baby Romper Suits

It doesn’t get more awesome than this! Top Gun Baby Romper Suit | Top Gun Onesie – CafePress UK.

O-Flash Ring Flash Adapter for $40,-

It’s very cheap indeed and offered by photojojo. You can DIY one cheaper, but it won’t look anywhere near as good.

Kobi Levi- Footwear Design

Far out shoes Kobi Levi- Footwear Design.

Samurai sword metal rings

By layering 30 sheets of metal, this guy creates awesome wedding rings Mokume Gane from James Binnion Metal Arts – Unique Mokume Wedding Bands and Commitment Rings by Jim Binnion.

Computer Engineer Barbie

Yup, it finally happened, Barbie® I Can Be…™ dolls and accessories empower girls to play out different roles and “try on” fabulous careers, including computer engineer, the first Barbie® profession chosen by popular vote! Always a reflection of the times, this digital diva engineers the perfect geek-chic look, with hot pink accessories and sleek gadgets […]

Buy coloured diamonds online

You can buy from a huge selection of diamonds, prices ranging from pretty low to pretty huge. Polished, rough, you can even create your own jewel on the site. Langerman Diamonds – the natural color diamond shop.


This mouse has gold plating, swarovski crystals, leather covering,  hand stitching and works over wifi – for only $60,-! GIGABYTE – Product – PC Peripherals – Mouse – Products – GM-M7800S.

AO Eyewear, Inc.

These guys make the original US military flight sunglasses, starting at only $70,- AO Eyewear, Inc..

Maxfit Gloves

These gloves are stretchy and apparently so tight that they allow you to really feel what’s going on under your fingers. At $20,- per pair, that ain’t expensive.

Dress Made Out Of 24,000 LEDs, 4,000 Swarovski crystals

It’s called the Galaxy dress and lives in a museum. Beautiful Dress Made Out Of 24,000 LEDs – Galaxy led dress – Gizmodo.

Martin Margiela’s Glass Slippers

Available per piece. Go Barefoot With Martin Margiela’s Glass Slippers – Born Rich.

Dorothy’s Oz Slippers

Loads of top shoe designers, sucha as Alberta Ferreti, Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, etc etc etc have each designed their version of the Wizard of Oz’s Ruby Slippers and are selling them online for charity.

Mojito shoe by Julian Hakes

The Mojito shoe has no foot plate and is made of carbon fibre, leather and rubber. Dezeen » Blog Archive » Mojito shoe by Julian Hakes.

How to Get Rid of Black Circles Under Your Eyes

12 different methods to get rid of puffy eyes. How to Get Rid of Black Circles Under Your Eyes: 12 steps (with video) – wikiHow. Health Ambition has an article on the value of vitamin K

Irvin RAF Sheepskin Flying jackets

Irvin doesn’t make them any more, but Aviation Leathercraft is licensed to build them. They also build the Tornado and Harrier aircrew leather jackets.

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