Nowadays, fireplaces are no longer just the plain old hole in the wall with chimney and wood affairs anymore. Designer fireplaces are the way to go! Digifire: Radius Design: Safretti BV: Of course all these guys have a whole load more models available, and variations on the models shown here.

Kid Kustoms Roddlers: a hit with the babes

Ladies and babies alike should be able to appreciate a fine set of wheels with strollers like these. Each Roddler is styled with old-school lead-sled flourish, with sleek over-the-wheel fenders and customization options including various shapes, colors, classic trims, decals and paint jobs (including flames, of course). Really, it’s probably a lot more than any Read more about Kid Kustoms Roddlers: a hit with the babes[…]

Morphing clothing

Hussein Chalayan launched something quite spectacular at the Paris Fashion week – morphing clothing. It moves as you walk around, revealing or concealing, changing it’s shape. Really cool stuff. If you watch the video, this type of clothing is modelledat just over halfway through.

High tech mountaineering

Well, should you really feel like being a safety freak AND looking like a complete and utter dork whilst scaling mount Kilamanjaru it’s now possible – this suit integrates around 9 high tech devices for the insecure climber. Oh, and did I mention it makes you look like a loser?


Naturally, this is a German product. You might not want to click this at work, or spend too much time thinking about the possibility of your cow-orkers buying anything here. Brrr.