I’ve been looking around for a laptop case that can hold all my other stuff, as well as looking stylish and have a shoulder strap. The first thing I looked for were pilot cases, but these rarely come with a strap and for us non-pilots, have impractical innards.
The ultimate for us business types seems to be Tumi, a brand name recognised everywhere. One massive disadvantage: cost.
The model I chose (there are loads of different models) is the leather (don’t like nylon) Generation 4.4 Briefs Safecase Expandable Organizer Computer Brief, style: 96160 (use the style number to search for it on internet).
The price structure is rigid, which means in the stores in NL you can find it for EUR. 675,- and not much differences at all and on internet $ 575,- (but you can get some deals with shipping). Apparently the Ebay ones you can find for around $ 480,- are real, but contain manufacturing flaws.