Atom Pinhole Camera Acts as a Shrinking Copy Machine

Basically by shooting atoms through a nanoscale pinhole on a mask at a substrate on the other side, researchers have found that they will create a smaller version of the reflected structure – a cheap and easy way to make a nanostructure. What’s more, it’s scaleable: they can make loads of pinholes and shoot atoms Read more about Atom Pinhole Camera Acts as a Shrinking Copy Machine[…]

Google Web Elements

Google wants you to put their tools into your website. So they’ve made it easy. Using elements, such as you probably have seen from Youtube embedded objects, they’ve gone and put maps, calendar, search, spreadsheets and a whole load more into this. Googlify your site!

All-Glass Firefox v2

All-Glass Firefox is a stylesheet for firefox that allows it to use the Windows Aero Glass effects, basically making your entire firefox transparent in Vista. For full useage they reccomend using the latest Firefox beta, but it works fine if you’re running stable as well.

Stolen RAF files are blackmailer’s dream

It turns out that the UK government is absolutely fantastic at keeping your data secure! Not only were the 2 harddrives that went missing last year September with all the RAF’s personell information on it unencrypted; it turns out they contained details of extramarital affairs, drug problems, financial problems all with names and details. The Read more about Stolen RAF files are blackmailer’s dream[…]

Tether your camera via WiFi for $50

Because the ‘official’ solution costs $700,- this guy set out and succeeded in finding a way to use cots pieces to transfer pictures from his Nikon D300 camera to his laptop for a fraction of the price. The only problem currently is that it has a high power requirement, but that’s being worked on.

UK Launches db of EVERY CHILD in the UK

Well there it is: every baby will be stamped with a digital prison tatoo at birth. Only *cough* 300.000 childcare professionals – who are especially trustworthy technically adept people who will NEVER compromise the integrity of the database and leak data to anyone else, just like the UK government never does – will have full, Read more about UK Launches db of EVERY CHILD in the UK[…]

Illusion Cloak

Yes! Invisibility cloaks (you can find loads about that kind of tech on this blog) are now old hat. The new cloak is the illusion cloak: it makes an object look like another object! This works with metamaterials.