Spycraft: The Secret History of the CIA’s Spytechs, from Communism to al-Qaeda

This book details the way the CIA built and used technologies to spy on other people and countries. a former head of the CIA’s Office of Technical Service (OTS) and an internationally acclaimed espionage historian join forces to tell the story of the covert devices critical to America’s intelligence operations for more than half a Read more about Spycraft: The Secret History of the CIA’s Spytechs, from Communism to al-Qaeda[…]

Boys aren’t girls

And so this guy, who has written a book “The Dangerous Book for Boys” is written for them, harkening from a time when it wasn’t so bad to get hurt a bit. Instead of treating boys as “girls who wash slightly less” he says treat them as boys!


Anyone with an interest in how our digital freedoms are being whittled away, how the music, movie and television landscapes are about to change forever, or how a new, empowered generation of users (mostly young people) see media differently than the older crowd, would benefit from marking up their copy of Darknet (bring two yellow Read more about Darknet[…]

New form of cyberpunk offshoot – InfernoKrusher!

Thus, (excerpts from) Notes Toward an Infernokrusher Manifesto: Explosion is the new transgression. Demolition is the new deconstruction. [—Benjamin Rosenbaum] More than the death of the Reader, Infernokrusher prizes the sudden, violent dismemberment of the Reader Infernokrusher fiction explodes stagnant genre conventions, e.g., that it’s not okay to have all your characters run over by Read more about New form of cyberpunk offshoot – InfernoKrusher![…]

phj33r, f001!

Tales for the Leet presents Romeo and Juliet! http://uninteresting.myby.co.uk/noeffort/romjul.htm (flash) And catch Star Wars III while you’re at it.. (wmv) http://www.kontrabandcontent.co.uk/1/graphics/movies/starwars3.wmv or http://abum.com/files/Movies/starwars3.wmv or http://chaos.battlecenter.net/starwars3.wmv or http://www.thestorageben.com/videos/starwars3.wmv