Fantasy Living

How sad to say goodbye to that world of wonder magic and colour which exists in our everyday lives, if only you look at it!

The everyday things you see and take for granted are miracles of some force we don’t really know of – Darwin, God, they are all only partial explanations for the magic of a daisy, a grain of sand or the ocean thudding onto the beach. These small things are the creatures of a world that not many see, when they pave the world with concrete and bricks.

The wonder and delight of a child looking at an entirely new world are treasures that life gives us, but why let it stop from childhood? Every day is filled with entirely new occurences, experiences, faces, all to be enjoyed, lived and felt. All part of a fairytale reality if you let yourself be inhabited by it.

Don’t brick up your heart, the princess is real, fairies exist and the story is true.